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Stones and Palettes

Split Cup Pink Glue Ring for eyelash extension application
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Glue Rings - Pink Split Cup - 25 per Quantity $6.99
Pink Jade Stone for Eyelash Extensions Glue
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Jade Stone - Pink $4.99
Split Cup Volume Fan Glue Ring for Eyelash Extensions 25 pack
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Volume Fan Glue Rings - 25 per Quantity $6.99
2" Jade Stone for eyelash extensions - glue palette.
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Jade Stone $3.49
Disposable Lash Palette Paper
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Disposable Palette Paper - 30 per Quantity $5.99
Curved Eyelash Extensions Palette - Polished Look White Acrylic
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Curved Lash Palette $4.99
Double width lash tile with 3 rows of extensions by GladGirl
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Double Wide Lash Tile $7.99
GladGirl Lash Layout Base
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Lash Layout Base $8.99
Lash Box - Clear Acrylic eyelash extensions lash container
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Lash Box $14.99
Glue cup for eyelash extensions application - 50 disposable cups per pack
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Disposable Glue Cup - 50 per Quantity $6.49
Glad Lash LashStation - eyelash application palette
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LashStation $9.99 $19.99
GladGirl Hand Lasher - velcro lash palette with 6 rows of lash extensions
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Hand Lasher $12.99
Silicone Lash Pad by Glad Lash
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Silicone Forehead Lash Pad $5.99
White glue rings for eyelash extensions - 25 per pack
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Glue Rings - 25 Rings per Quantity $6.99
Scotch Restickable Dots
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Scotch Restickable Dots $4.99
Crystal Lash and Glue Tile by GladGirl
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Crystal Lash & Glue Tile $10.49
Glad Lash Silicone Magic Palette
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Magic Silicone Palette $5.29
Laser cut crystal glue palette for eyelash extensions
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Crystal Glue Palette $4.29
Disposable Glue Tray for eyelash extensions - 5 well design.
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Disposable Glue Tray - 50 per Quantity $9.99
Lash palette ring bridge
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Ring Palette Lash Bridge $4.99
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GladGirl® Stones and Palettes are your one stop shop for all the tools needed when it comes to organizing your lash rows and adhesives during any big eyelash extension set! This collection offers a range of affordable, PETA approved products spanning from eyelash extension volume or split cup glue rings to multiple options of lash extension pallets including hand and headband lashers. A whole new level of organization is available to you at GladGirl.

You’ll also find add-ons to your perfect palette, like Individual Glue Cups or Disposable Palette Papers-helping you keep your lash extension palette clean and in perfect condition for years to come.

All of our Stones and Palettes are created specifically to be used with GladGirl® professional Eyelash Extension Glue, or any of our award winning Individual or Volume Eyelash Extensions. You can’t beat our prices, as we offer bulk buying options that help cut your costs. Take a look around at all of our options, you’re bound to find your perfect lash extension adhesive stone or lash extension palette! Now you can finally stop wasting time stressing over the perfect tools; and spend that time where it matters most; turning the amazing lash dreams of your clients into reality!

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