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Eyelash Application Primer

Shop eyelash application primer, lash bonders and glue aid at GladGirl. You can trust GladGirl to deliver professional lash primers which are super important for the success of your lash sets. Designed to remove residual cosmetics and natural oils, our primers will cleanse and prepare the lashes for maximum bonding of the adhesive. Additionally, as the adhesive will bond faster, overall application time will be reduced. We also now offer a non-scented alcohol free lash primer!

We offer scented & non-scented lash primers. Our scented primers prepare the lashes for eyelash extension application and then, as an added bonus they work as a lovely aromatherapy treatment.

Shop eyelash primer for use on natural or extended lashes making it ideal for both initial application and fill-ins. Our primers will not affect any existing eyelash extension bonds.