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Single Strand Eyelash Extensions FAQs

Q: What are individual eyelash extensions?

A: This advanced and in-demand technique involves precise, individual lash-by-lash application creating a natural, luxurious look. These single strand lashes are applied directly to the client’s already existing natural lashes using a unique, long-lasting medical grade glue developed to bond the synthetic lashes to the natural lashes. This strong bond holds the lashes in place for the natural life cycle of the lashes (approximately 45 days, but results will vary depending on skill level of the technician, type of products used, environment and your customer's daily habits). We recommend a fill-in appointment every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full look.

Q: What does the ‘curl’ mean for single strand lashes?

A: The ‘curl’ describes how curly the lash extensions will be. J has the least curl, then B, C, and D is the curliest. We also have an L Curl for deep set eyes with mono-lids. Please refer to our Curl Chart for comprehensive descriptions. Our Curl Chart can be purchased for training and used as an explanation tool and style guide for your customers. The most requested curls are B and C Curl.

Q: What does the thickness mean for single strand lashes?

A: The ‘thickness’ refers to how thick the actual eyelash extension is. Your customer's own natural eyelashes are typically .15 and .20 in thickness. The thicker the lash the heavier and firmer it will be. Single strand lashes range in thickness from .07 all the way up to .30. The most requested thicknesses are: .15 and .20. Volumizing techniques utilize the thinnest lashes available (.05 & .07), as it is easier to apply multiple lash extensions to a single natural lash without adding extra stress to the natural lash.

Q: What does the length mean for single strand lashes?

AA: The length of the lash is always the number followed with ‘mm’ (millimeter). A length of single strand lashes range from the shortest at 6mm up to 18mm being the longest. The most requested lash lengths are 9mm through 12mm. Generally an eyelash extension application has a combination of 3-5 different sizes to create a natural look.

Q: Which is better synthetic silk or synthetic mink single strand lashes?

A: They are all excellent materials for single strand lashes, but because of their consistency in curl, thickness, and length, synthetic silk and synthetic mink are the most popular materials used for single strand eyelashes. They also offer durability and a very natural look. Synthetic Silk lashes are typically shiny and synthetic mink lashes have a matte finish. A shiny look can be achieved with mink lashes with any of our after care products. We also offer flare/cluster lashes and strip lashes made with human hair.

Q: How do I know which lashes look good on my customer?

A: A consultation between the customer and technician should always take place before any actual application to determine what will ultimately look best for them. We offer a client application palette that can be used to keep track of the lashes and products used on each customer.

Q: Can anyone apply single strand individual lashes?

A: While there are some great videos on our website and the internet, you should never attempt to apply single strand lashes to yourself or anyone else without proper training. Additionally, many locations require you to be a licensed professional before applying lashes. You can find training locally through many licensed lash techs, beauty schools and Glad Lash may offer training with private or group classes in your location. Please contact us for further details: support@gladgirl.com

Q: I’m pregnant, is it ok to wear eyelash extensions?

A: We recommend that you consult with your physician before eyelash application.

Q: Following lash tinting, how long should I wait to apply lashes? Will lash tinting cause any problems with the extensions

A: Tinting before extensions are applied is not a problem. The extensions can be applied the same day as long as the lashes are clean and dry after the tinting process

Q: What if my customer is sensitive or has developed sensitivity to eyelash extensions?

A: Not everyone is a good candidate for eyelash extensions. Some people are extremely sensitive. If you have a customer who is having a reaction to their eyelash extensions we recommend removing them. If your sensitive customer still wants to wear extensions we recommend wearing cluster-flare lashes or strip lashes. These lashes can be applied with one of our latex based adhesives.

Q: What is the Volumizing, stacking or sometimes referred to as 2d and 3d techniques?

A: Use ultra thin single strand lashes with .07 thickness and apply 2-6 lashes per natural lash. We recommend 2-3 lashes maximum per natural lash for extended wear. Grab the number of lashes desired at the same time directly from a tray. Dip all ends in the glue at the same time and adhere just the bottom 3rd of the extensions to the natural lash. This technique is great for creating a very full look in a short amount of time. This technique is also good for those customers who have very few of their own natural lashes.

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