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Professional Eyelash Tweezers

When it comes to your most important tools for lash application, choose GladGirl for professional eyelash tweezers. GladGirl eyelash application tweezers are crafted from the finest German surgical stainless steel available. We know how hard eyelash extension application can be on the hands and we offer non-slip and ribbed handle options for the ultimate grip.

Our collection of precision tweezers includes the most popular styles that every lash technician should have, including - Doe Foot, Curved, Needle Nose, Angular, Precision and more... All tweezers come with their own protective sleeve. Give your hands a much-needed break with GladGirl tweezers. GladGirl Tweezer products also include all of the accessories you need - including tweezer wipes and cleaners, protective cases and stands.

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