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Lash Lock® False & Flare Lash Glue

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Your Strip and Flare lashes will flip over our Lash Lock® Eyelash Adhesive! Created with Strips and Flares in mind, this glue will extend the life of your lashes. Instead of a 1 or 2 day lash last, Lash Lock® strip lash glue offers a perfect hold for 3 to 5 days depending on application skill level. This adhesive comes in both Black and Clear, making it perfect for just about any user.

Lashes can be easily removed at any time with our Make-Up Remover Wipes, ensuring there is no tugging or damage from left over glue. Lash Lock® glue can be used by both professionals and non-professionals. Create a new experience with Strips and Flares; lock on those lashes!

Perfect for the professional and DIY MUA, this lash glue will have you covered all day (and night). With a new design, this adhesive can last up to 4 days with proper application, making is ideal for weekend getaways where you always want to be looking your best. Always be sure to check for a sensitivity if using this glue on a client, as it DOES contain latex.


Key Features

  • Fumes: Low
  • Setting Time: Varies
  • Viscosity: Medium/Low
  • Retention: 3-5 days for strip lashes and 5-7 days for flare lashes (results will vary based on skill and environment)
  • Color: Black or clear available
  • Shelf Life: Use within 1 year upon opening
  • To be used with our: Strip or Flare/Cluster Lashes
  • Size: .25 oz (7g)
  • Recommended Remover: Makeup remover wipes



For perfect placement and grip, be sure to let the glue dry just a bit on the lash strip before placing onto your lash line. This process can take about 20-30 seconds before the glue is perfect for placement.


*Customers Please Note* This adhesive contains latex so be sure to check for latex sensitivity before use*