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Eye Makeup Remover Cleansing Pads

Wipe the day (or night) away with Glad Lash® Eye Make-Up Cleansing & Protein Removing Pads. These make-up removing pads are multifunctional as you can use them during your appointment to wipe away any lid or under-eye makeup that may interfere with your adhesive or under-eye pads, as well as can be upsold to your clients as an eyelash extension-safe addition to their nighttime makeup-removal routine. By cleaning away any make-up and oils, you're helping extend the life of the extensions by giving them a clean surface to attach to! These pads are formulated with an Amino Acid complex, Vitamin E, and Aloe extract, making it your go-to for gentle yet effective removal of oils, makeup, and natural proteins found on your client's eyelashes!

We all know that makeup can be eyelash extensions' worst nightmare, so arm your clients with the power to fight away anything threatening their lovely lashes. 50 pads per pack. See How to Use this product.

Caution: In case of allergic response, a patch test is recommended. Avoid using the pads on irritated or sunburned skin. In case of direct eye contact, immediately flush with water. If irritation persists, contact a physician. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed.

How to Use: Eye Make-Up Cleansing & Protein Removing Pads


  1. With clean and sanitized hands remove a pad from the container With eyes closed use a gentle circular wiping motion over the lid and eyelashes.
  2. No need to wash with water, simply move on with your lash propping process by applying your favGladGirl® Primer to the lashes OR if using at home, follow up with face cleaners.