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Heart Shape Volume Fan Glue Rings - 25 per Quantity

Introducing the Heart Shape Volume Fan Glue Rings - an eyelash extension application tool that leads the industry in design and functionality. Brought to you by GladGirl®, this innovative lash glue ring is the perfect blend of style and utility, poised to revolutionize your eyelash extension process.

This carefully crafted tool combines the features of a split cup glue ring and volume fan glue cup, offering unrivaled convenience. It sports a unique grooved ridge along the top edge of the cup, a design element that is as practical as it is elegant. By simply swiping your fans up through this groove, you can effortlessly push lash strands together to create a thin, compact fan base.

Whether you're working on a voluminous set or a classic one, this versatile eyelash extension glue ring steps up to the task. It provides an effective solution for removing excess glue, reducing waste while maintaining the integrity of your lash application. The Heart Shape Volume Fan Glue Ring proves that efficiency and precision need not be sacrificed for style.

But it isn't all business with this pretty-in-pink ring; it also serves as a fashionable accessory for your lashing fingers. So why not bring some flair to your work? With this eyelash extension application tool, you can fan away with confidence, knowing you're equipped with a product that combines style, innovation, and function seamlessly.

Discover the difference with GladGirl®'s Heart Shape Volume Fan Glue Rings. Enhance your eyelash extension application process with this game-changing tool today! See How to Use this product.

Uhh hello gorgeous! Lash in style with our GladGirl® Volume Glue Ring in Pink! This ring literally has it all; a one size fits all finger ring, dual cups for less waste and grooves to help perfect those hand made fans. You’ll want to reach for this lashing tool if you’re preparing for a longer set time, as it has dual cups, meaning you can replace your glue by adding a fresh drop to the other side! No more wasted time switching out your rings and tossing them for each new drop, and hey, you’ll be helping the environment, you lash queen. This ring is THE go to for volume sets, as the grooves will help push the fans together, while removing any excess glue from the fan. So dip, swipe and create a fan good enough for the Lash Gods themselves. 

How to Use:

  1. Apply our Volume Fan Glue Ring to your index or middle finger and add one drop of adhesive, like our In A Flash, to either side of the ring. 
  2. After dipping your fan in the adhesive, swipe through the grooves to remove extra glue, while pushing the lashes into a thinner, more compact base. 
  3. Once you’ve hit your glue expiration time (around 30 minutes), or if you’re simply wanting a fresh drop, add a new drop to the other side and continue to lash away! So simple, yet so effective.