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Glue Rings - Pink Split Cup - 25 per Quantity

Say hello to the finger bling of your dreams - GladGirl® Split Cup Pink Glue Rings. You’ll want to reach for these stylish pink beauts if you tend to need to switch out your glue during a set, as unlike our one cup rings, this ultra handy tool has dual cups! This means no more throwing away multiple rings per service (look at you, saving the environment and all).

These split cup rings are also fabulous if you’re mixing different adhesives or tints in your sets as well! Don’t worry about our glue rings being comfortable, as they’re one size fits all and ultra flexible. So, slip on this fabulous ring that will leave you looking like a pink bling queen, and lash the day away! See How to Use.

GladGirl® Pink Glue Rings are your go to finger bling for longer timed sets; or if you prefer to have your glue literally on-hand, rather than next to you on a stone or palette. Adhesive rings should be your go-to if you’re just starting out or simply want to keep all your movements to a minimum, as your glue will be on-hand at all times! This will help streamline your lashing process and cut down those set times (c’mon, faster lash times, who doesn't want that?) As an added bonus, you’ll be looking pretty in pink while also using a functional glue ring. Win-win all around? We think so! 


How to Use: 

  1. Apply our Pink Glue Ring to your index or middle finger and add one drop of adhesive, like our Mega Pro hold, to either side of the ring. 
  2. Once you’ve hit your glue expiration time (around 30 minutes), or if you’re simply wanting a fresh drop, add a new drop to the other side and continue to lash away! So simple, yet so effective.


Pro Tip: 

You should be changing your glue drop every 30 minutes to keep your adhesive in perfect retention condition, and because of this you’ll want to reach for these split cups if you’re sitting down to lash away for a longer period of time (like for a full set, or mega volume infill). These split cup adhesive rings are incredibly comfortable and will help keep your fingers in tip top shape as they won’t dig in or cause any discomfort. Grab these rings and lash on lash queens.