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Glue Rings - 25 per Quantity

Introducing our handy dandy GladGirl® White Glue Ring! These glue rings will help streamline your process by literally being “on-hand” at all times! With this adhesive ring, you’ll minimize your movements, and keep your time between dipping the lash extension and lash placement as short as possible. This tool is perfect for those artists who are sitting down for a shorter set time, as you will want to toss this ring if you need a fresh glue drop. So sit down, bling up, and lash away babe!

These flexible, plastic, white glue rings are open-ended so they will fit most finger sizes. So, sit down, bling up, and lash away! See How to Use.

This glue ring is your ideal choice if you’re still perfecting your lashing speed, and want to keep the time between dipping the extension into your adhesive and lash placement, as short as possible. This ring will also be your go to choice if you want to save your body from the pains (literally) of moving back and forth from a palette to your client. With this bling on-hand, you’ll keep your movements to a minimum, which can help body aches associated with the job. Make sure to reach for this ring choice, for classic lash extensions and shorter set times, as you will need to dispose of the ring each time you freshen up your adhesive drop.


How To Use: Glue Rings

  1. Apply the Glue Ring to your index or middle finger.
  2. Add one drop of adhesive, like our Mega Pro hold, into the ring.
  3. Once you’ve hit your glue expiration time (around 30 minutes), or if you’re simply wanting a fresh drop, make sure to toss this disposable ring and grab a new one.
  4. Continue to lash the day away!