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Ring Palette Lash Bridge

Tired of skin irritation from taping lashes to the back of your hand? The solution is just a click away, with the GladGirl® Ring Palette Lash Bridge! This futuristic looking finger palette is your one stop lash shop for everything you'll need during your day at the salon. Apply up to 4 rows of your favorite GladGirl® lashes to this curved sleek ring, and don’t forget to add your adhesive to the cup conveniently attached to the front of this palette.

The curved surface allows eyelash extensions to spread apart for quick extraction of individual extensions, or multiple for volume techniques. The Palette snaps easily in and out of the ring for positioning in any direction.

Stop fussing with multiple tools to hold your lash necessities and streamline your process with GladGirl® Ring Palette Lash Bridge. See How to Use this product.

We’ve made the volume artists dream a reality with GladGirl® Ring Palette Lash Bridge! You won’t want to get caught without this ring if you tend to do more hybrid or volume lash sets. As gorgeous as voluminous sets are, they can be straining to your body with the extended lashing times they tend to come with. Help ease the aches and pains by keeping your movements minimal, with a lash palette and adhesive ring in one! The curved base this ring offers is perfect for separating the lash extensions; helping you fan easier, and therefore cutting those lashing times down! Save yourself the pain (literally) of using multiple tools, with GladGirl® Ring Palette Lash Bridge. 


How to Use: Ring Palette Lash Bridge 

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized lash ring
  2. Place up to 4 rows of your favorite lashes to the palette, applying gentle pressure to the edges of the strip to ensure proper adhesion.
  3. Add a drop of adhesive to your reusable glue ring
  4. When finished, gently peel lash strips from the palette and clean any left over glue out of the ring with acetone.

Pro Tip: 

Change your glue out every 30 minutes or so to keep it fresh so maximize retention. Happy Lashing!