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Oval Silicone Palette

Lash with speed and ease using GladGirl® Oval Silicone Palette. This silicone working surface is a must have if you prefer using loose individual or volume fans. This sticky palette will help secure your lashes during your set, allowing you quick lash pick up and next level speed as you no longer have to sift through piles of loose lashes! For faster appointments, prep by placing your eyelash extensions on the soft and flexible pad spaced apart so you can easily pick them up when the time comes!

The oval shaped pad will keep those loose lashes in place at all times, even if the pad is vigorously shifted during your set. Enjoy the easy life with GladGirl® Oval Silicone Palette. See how to use below.

Make sure to keep this silicone palette handy during all your lash sets using loose lashes or pre made fans! For easy access we recommend placing this lash pad on the back of your hand or on your clients shoulder during your appointment. This pad is also a perfect companion with GladGirl® Lash Layout Base as the sticky material of this silicone pad will grab onto the base and offer you the perfect working surface for all your lashing essentials.


How to Use: Oval Silicone Palette 

  1. Peel off protective plastic cover on both sides.
  2. Place loose lashes or pre-made fans on the silicone pad.
  3. Simply place this pad on your lash bed or on the back of your hand for easier accessibility