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Lash Layout Base

Never again panic when you’ve misplaced your fav tweezer or perfect lash length during an appointment, with GladGirl® Lash Layout Base. This work platform is perfect for keeping all of your lashing tools needed during your set in one organized and convenient tray. This tray will be your go to if you dread having your lash extension necessities sprawled around your work station. Simply add your desired lash rows to the non-porous, non-stick base, place down the tools and glue palette of your choice and have everything within arms reach at all times!

Stop stressing over a hectic work space, and breath in a sigh of sweet, organized relief with GladGirl® Lash Layout Base. See How to Use below.

Lash with peace and zen level organization with GladGirl® Lash Layout base. This tray is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), meaning it is completely safe for cosmetic use, and features a non-porous, non-stick surface. We recommend using this palette with a small piece of double sided tape to keep your adhesive cup or tray from slipping off the base, as well as a silicone pad if you prefer to use loose lashes. 4 non-slip feet will firmly grip the Lash Layout Base to any working surface. 

How to Use: Lash Layout Base

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized lash base Place the base on either side of your client (normally this will be your dominant side, for an easier lash pickup process). 
  2. Place down your desired lash rows, pressing firmly on the edges to proper adhesion. 
  3. Place down your glue cup or tray using a piece of double sided tape (sold separately) for added stability.

Pro Tip:

Mark your lash lengths or the time you need to switch out your glue drop by writing directly on the tray with a dry erase marker! Simply wipe off when you’re finished.)