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Jade Stone

Sick of rapid drying glue? Take action into your own hands with GladGirl® Jade Stone for eyelash extensions. Made of natural Nephrite (a type of jade stone) this ultra cute yet functional stone will be your go to to prevent rapid drying of your adhesive drop during your lash set.

Our Jade stone is perfect if you prefer to have your glue on the side of your client, rather than on your finger. This can be a plus if you or your client are a bit more sensitive to having the glue directly next to the face; like with our handy dandy glue rings. So, grab a stone and keep that drop fresh and ready for the perfect set. See How to Use.

GladGirl® Jade Stone is the tool you’ve been dreaming about. These stones are a perfect addition to your lash tool box if you’re looking to help curb rapid dry times of your adhesive drop. By keeping cool to the touch, this stone helps regulate temperature fluctuations that can interfere with your glue freshness. This tool is made from Nephrite jade - meaning each stone will be uniquely it’s own, just like you! No two stones are ever the same color. Added bonus? These stones are of course reusable and have a long shelf life when cared for properly. So, you’ll be saving the planet and looking great while doing it. 


How to Use: Jade Stone

  1. Begin by applying one drop of your favorite adhesive to your clean Jade Stone.
  2. When finished, your jade stone can be wiped down with a non-acetone cleaner to remove any left over glue.
  3. Make sure to clean your stone in between each client.
  4. If you find any hard to remove glue, soak your Jade Stone in a glass bowl with acetone overnight and watch the glue melt away.


Pro Tip: 

If easy clean up makes your heart sing, try pairing this stone with our Disposable Palette Paper by simply placing the paper to the stone and applying the glue drop directly to the paper.