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Disposable Palette Paper - 30 per Quantity

Looking to bypass the dreaded glue clean up after each client? Look no further with GladGirl® Disposable Palette Paper! This non-porous paper is the perfect sidekick to any of our GladGirl® Palettes; by helping extend the life of your palette by protecting its surface while the medical-grade coating simultaneously helps increase work time of your eyelash extension glue.

And the best part? When you’re finished with your fabulous lash set, simply peel off of your working surface, toss in the trash and continue lashing the day away! Use with our Jade Stone or Crystal Palette. See How to Use this product below.

GladGirl® Disposable Palette Paper is your go to if you love working off of a palette, rather than a cup or ring, but want to keep your working surfaces clean and in prime condition for as long as possible. This palette paper is simple to use with its easy to remove backing; simply peel, stick and lash away! When you’re finished, forget the time consuming and often messy adhesive clean up, by simply peeling off of your surface and tossing in the trash; this can be particularly helpful if you’re running behind and don’t have time to clean your palettes. Save time, stress less, and spend your day lashing rather than adhesive cleanup. 


How to Use: Disposable Palette Paper

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized lash extension palette. 
  2. Remove backing from the palette paper and place on the surface of your palette. When finished, simply remove the paper by gently peeling off of your palette and toss in the trash.