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Mega Volume and Volume Fan Technique Glue Tray for Volume Fans - 5 Per Quantity

Have you wondered how some lash artists make perfectly full and fluffy fans? Well wonder no more! Get your lash bouquet on with the GladGirl Mega Volume and Volume Fan Technique Glue Tray. Designed to make perfect volume and mega volume eyelash extension fans every single time. 12 glue wells are shallow in design to hold minimal glue for less waste, no mess and engineered to control the amount of glue applied to the base of each fan.

How to Use:

  1. Grab a section of your favorite GladGirl volume, or mega volume single strand eyelash extensions from the tray with a volume tweezer. Make sure lashes are aligned at the bottom when you remove them from the tray.
  2. Dip the base of the lashes into the tray allowing the base to tap the bottom of the glue well, while simultaneously slightly releasing pressure on the lashes and watch lash magic happen before your eyes.
  3. Slide lash fan over well or tap edge of well to remove excess glue if necessary.

The bottom of your fan base will be perfectly aligned and the top will fan into a perfect bouquet of lashes. Who doesn’t love an amazing bouquet, of lashes!

Cleaning and Care: Soak glue tray in acetone for a few minutes immediately after use. Glue will pop out after a few minutes. Monitor tray and do not leave unattended. Rinse tray with water and allow to dry.