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Double Wide Lash Tile

Calling all hybrid Lash Lovers! Gaze upon your new lash bestie - GladGirl® Double Wide Lash Tile. This tile is a must have for all hybrid lash artists, as you have two sections for each lash length. This will be your savior if you’re looking to use the same lash length, but in two different weights; like you would in a hybrid lash set. This wide eyelash extensions palette gives you 18 rows - the perfect staging area for mixing classic and volume lashes within one perfectly fluffed extension set. Polished for an ultra smooth finish, the black lettering is raised so that you can map and track the lashes with ease.

Wow the world, and take a well-deserved bow with a lash extension palette made uniquely with you in mind.

Overachievers, meet your match with GladGirl® Double Wide Lash Tile. This ultra smooth, acrylic palette is the perfect multifunctional tile for the multifunctional lash artist. Not only is this palette ideal for hybrid lash sets, but with 18 raised letter rows, this tile can be used for lash extension sets with a pop of color; organize same length but different color lashes like GladGirl® Mermaid Silk Lashes with this tile sent from the lash gods themselves. To replace your rows, simply remove your unwanted lash strip gently and replace with a fresh new one, without ever missing a beat. 


How to Use: Double Wide Lash Tile 

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized tile.
  2. Add up to 18 rows of your favorite GladGirl® lashes, categorizing by length and/or weight.
  3. When you need to replace a lash strip, simply peel off and toss in the trash.
  4. Follow by wiping the area with alcohol to clean and remove any residual glue before replacing with a fresh strip.