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Mermaid Silk Lashes

Lash your way into mythic realms with the Mermaid Silk Lashes by Glad Lash. A sea of mesmerizing colors, the Mermaid lashes are just perfect for accenting eyes and creating a dreamy impact with hypnotic flare. The beautifully designed tray provides 16 rows of color in mixed lengths and 2 curl options. By blending in varying percentages of black lashes, this luminous look can be achieved dramatically, subtly, or boldly in-between. Additionally, you can put those brushes down for a minute as the effect of the lash colors creates the luminous illusion of makeup. Set your sights on distant worlds, colors and oceans, while bringing your lashes into this space in time with the Glad Lash Mermaid Silk Lashes.

Synthetic Silk with Volume Thickness 3 Colors per tray - mixed per row 16 rows per tray Both CC and D Curl Available

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