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Crystal Glue Palette

Calling all Lash Lovers! The GladGirl® Laser Cut Crystal Glue Palette is an ultra sleek adhesive palette ideal for all lash artists who prefer having their glue on a palette next to their client, rather than in a ring or glue cup. This cool to the touch, smooth, crystal palette helps keep temperature fluctuations to a minimum, allowing glue to remain in a liquid state longer and prevent premature drying.

The 2" diameter crystal surface can be easily cleaned with acetone. Go ahead, try out this lash palette of your dreams, and look effortlessly sleek while doing it. Win-win? We think yes! See How to Use.

Crystals are for more than just dazzling jewellery and positive vibes. Introducing GladGirl® Laser Cut Crystal Glue Palette… our sleek crystal palette is the perfect choice to use with a client that may be a bit more sensitive to adhesive fumes, as you can keep your palette to the side of them, rather than next to their eyes. This palette is also THE go to tool if you’re struggling with your lash environment temperatures, as this palette will help keep the glue cooler for longer. Grab ahold of this stylish glue palette and impress your clients with more than just your killer lash sets. Lash on crystal queen, lash on.


How to Use: Crystal Glue Palette

  1. Apply your fav adhesive either directly to your palette or on a disposable surface covering your palette. 
  2. When finished, wipe clean with acetone to remove any left over glue. 
  3. If you find any hard to remove adhesive, soak in a glass bowl filled with acetone overnight, and wake to a clean fresh Crystal Palette that's ready for a full day of killer lash sets.

Pro Tip:

Try pairing this Laser Cut Crystal Glue Palette with our Disposable Glue Trays or Disposable Palette Paper to help preserve the surface.