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Curved Lash Palette

GladGirl® Curved Lash Palette is every lash artist's dream! This versatile palette is ideal if you would rather lash off of a palette that’s placed next to your clients head. If your work space is limited, our curved lash palette won’t leave you fumbling around like a bulky palette may do in smaller spaces; making it perfect for traveling artists as well. This practical acrylic palette will also help you save time, holding up to 12 rows of lashes, you'll never find yourself refilling your palette in the middle of a lash extension set again.

Compact and versatile, the Curved Lash Palette is the ideal tool for seamless application experience for you while making a sleek, professional impression. See How to Use.

GladGirl® Curved Lash Palette is just as practical, sleek and versatile as the artist using it! This acrylic palette is the perfect tool for a lash tech who may travel to see clients or has a smaller bed that they lash off of. Our Curved Lash Palette is a match made in heaven with our GladGirl® Disposable Palette Paper, combining simple compact lashing with easy clean up! Our beautiful palette can easily be cleaned and sanitized by wiping down with alcohol or a disinfecting wipe. Don’t get caught with a palette that doesn't suit your environment, and lash on, Lash Lover!


How to Use: Curved Lash Palette

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized palette Gently remove your favorite GladGirl® lashes from their tray and place them on the palette, applying slight pressure to the ends of the strip; ensuring that it is properly adhered to the palette. 
  2. When a lash row runs out, gently peel the row off of the Curved Lash Palette and replace with a new row. 
  3. If any adhesive from the lash extension row is left over, simply wipe the palette down with alcohol or a disinfecting wipe.