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Hand Lasher

Bring the ease of lashing to the back of your hand with the GladGirl® Hand Lasher! This 360 degree rotating hand palette is your go to if you enjoy lashing from your hand, but dread the discomfort of taping lashes directly to your skin. This velcro palette holds up to 6 rows of your favorite lash extensions, and offers the convenience of having your lashes close to the lash line, helping speed up your set times. The lightweight and comfortable palette features a curved shape that spreads extensions apart for easier removal.

Let this palette be your second skin; try it out, your hand will love you for it.

Fall in love with backhand lashing again using GladGirl® Hand Lasher! This velcro palette is easy to use, and is a volume lover's dream; as the curved shape helps spread the lash strip out, fanning the lashes for easier pick up and application. It's velcro design also allows you to adjust the palette to your comfort, making it ideal for right or left hand users. Volume lash extensions sets can take long enough, why not speed up the process, and save your skin while doing it? Sounds like a win-win!


How to Use: Hand Lasher

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized palette. 
  2. Apply up to 6 rows of your favorite GladGirl® lashes, ensuring to apply firm pressure to edges for maximum adhesion. 
  3. Rotate the palette 360 degrees to your comfort and lash away! 
  4. When finished, remove the lash strips, and clean with alcohol to remove any residual glue that may be left over from previously removed rows.