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Wednesday Wink - How to Choose the Best Forehead, Bed or Hand Palette for Eyelash Extensions

Wednesday Wink - Lash Palette Options Explained

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Posted by Janelle Greenstreet on April 14, 2021

Welcome back to Wednesday Wink, Lash Lovers! Today I am going to take you down the long and winding road of lash palettes! There's no need to stress about the endless options and which one you should spend your hard earned lash cash on; I’m here to take the guesswork out of finding the best fit for you. Jump in the car, grab your fav road trip snack and let’s go!

Forehead Palettes

The first stop on our lashing journey is the forehead palette. These palettes come in a few different options at GladGirl. We have magnetic forehead palettes, headbands that cover the forehead and hair of your client, as well as palettes that simply sit on the forehead with a bit of help from the grip of the silicone they’re crafted from. There are plenty of options to choose from in the land of forehead palettes, but take a breath and don’t stress over how to choose the right one - girl, that's what I’m here for. Let’s discuss: They’re all similar as these options all help keep your movements to an absolute minimum as everything you need for that killer lash set is at your fingertips! In my opinion, these palettes also offer the fastest lashing speeds as you hardly have to move from palette to lash. Faster speeds and less body aches and pains? Sign me up! You simply have to decide if you’d like to work off a palette that can be easily removed from the forehead, like our silicone forehead lashing pad as well as can also hold a glue cup like our LashStation! If these options don’t make the artist in you sing, think about using a palette like the Lash Applicator Headband, that helps contain those troublesome little hairs that definitely have a vendetta against us and always find a way into our glue and workspace. Make sure your client is okay with you placing these palettes on their forehead, and always remember to keep those palettes squeaky clean by sanitizing them after each and every client.
GladGirl Forehead Lasher in use on client Forehead palettes, like the LashStation, keep lashes so close to the action for super quick set times, but always check that your client is comfortable with this approach.

Hand Lashers

Next up on this lash palette roadtrip: hand lashers! These palettes are offered in a simple hand lasher that uses a velcro strap to attach and sit on your non-dominant hand as well as a backhand lasher and wrist stabilizer all in one that not only acts as a palette but also helps keep your wrist from injury with redundant movements. This is yours truly’s favorite option as I find I can create fans easier off the back of my hand because I don’t feel awkward pressing on my client's head to create my fans (hello overthinking everything). I can also use my pinch technique easier as my movements stay right around my hands and this helps streamline my lashing times. These palettes are a fabulous option if you want freedom of movement and don’t want to worry about knocking lashes on the floor, as they're literally attached to you!
Practice with Backhand Lasher by GladGirl My personal fav for quick fans, the GladGirl Hand Lasher, complete with curved shape to gently spread lashes out for easy removal.

Bed Palettes

Last stop on our trip down lash lane - Bed palettes! These workstations also come in a variety of options ranging from curved lash trays, crystal lash and glue palettes as well as tiles that offer maximum strips for those mega volume sets like our GladGirl Double Wide Lash Tile. Although not quite as super quick as hand or head options, bed palettes are a great choice in many situations. If your client is sensitive to adhesive fumes you can keep them away from the eyes as much as possible by using a bed palette that has a glue well like our crystal lash and glue tile (linked above -wink wink-). They are also a better option if you or your client doesn’t like to feel constricted with on hand or on head lashers. Finally, bed palettes will be your saving grace if you’re working on a mega volume set that will take up multiple rows of lashes by the end, by having the option to place more lash strips down at once, you may just be cutting your lash set times back because you’ll no longer have to stop and re-fill your smaller pallets with more strips in the middle of your set.
Lash Tile Palette - placed next to client on bed The Double Wide Lash Tile by GladGirl, ready to accommodate 18 rows for even the most demanding sets.
So, what souvenir should you take away from this Wednesday Wink road trip? Each option has the ability to streamline your lash extension process and help take you to the next level as a lash artist, so don’t feel married to one option! We offer most any palette your lash connoisseur heart could long for, so try out a bunch! You might just fall in love with the art of lashing all over again. Thanks for the road trip bestie, see you next week! XOXO- J

Janelle Greenstreet

Janelle Greenstreet

After graduating with her cosmetology license and working in the hair industry, Janelle Greenstreet was introduced to the wonderful world of eyelash extensions and never looked back. Janelle lives in Colorado, with her husband and one year old son, has owned an eyelash extension salon and specializes in Classic and Hybrid lash sets. She loves to mentor up and coming artists, and also prioritizes her own continued education.

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