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Unleashing the Power of Closed Fans: Wet Look Lashes are Making Waves

Unleashing the Power of Closed Fans: Wet Look Lashes are Making Waves

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Posted by Bethany Totten on November 09, 2023

‍In the ever-evolving world of beauty, eyelash extension techniques and trends are in constant motion. One trend that's currently making a splash is the exciting "Wet Look Lashes." Drawing inspiration from the fresh, dewy aesthetics of summer, this trend offers a captivating twist on traditional eyelash extensions.

What Exactly are Wet Look Lashes?

Wet look lashes are essentially a form of professional single-strand lashes designed to create the illusion of a glossy, wet finish. This effect is achieved by using lighter and narrower lashes, often referred to as "closed fans," to create a distinctive spiky volume that many clients adore. Closed fans lie at the heart of this lash trend, delivering the desired spiky and textured volume.

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the lash industry, the popularity of wet look lashes is on the rise. They provide a broader and more exaggerated appearance that resonates with many clients, particularly those who appreciate the 'Kim K look.'

The Key Role of Closed Fans in Crafting Wet Look Lashes

The "spiky" or distinctive look of wet look lashes is achieved by keeping the fan almost closed. Our pre-made wet set lashes are offered in D Curl, but if you're making them by hand another popular choice for this look is to use L+ lashes (similar to M curl lashes). The closed fan technique not only produces a wet and glossy appearance but also safeguards the client's natural lashes.

The choice of lash weight plays a critical role in achieving the wet look. Typically, 0.05 and 0.03 lashes are ideal for this style. The lighter weights ensure that the client's natural lashes are protected while still achieving the desired look.

Wet Lash Closed Fans

Wet Look Lashes: A Style for All?

While wet look lashes are suitable for all clients, they are especially flattering for those with medium to full natural lashes. However, for individuals with sparser lash lines, the spiky effect may accentuate the sparse appearance.

Crafting the Perfect Wet Look Lashes

Creating flawless wet look lashes involves using ultra-light volume eyelash extensions. By using a cluster of these lightweight lashes, professionals can craft an incredibly narrow, nearly closed fan to achieve the desired wet look effect. The closed fan technique is the secret to attaining this coveted appearance.

Though wet look lashes share similarities with classic lash extensions, they offer a bolder, more dramatic look—a daring departure from conventional lash extensions.

The End Result: Elegantly Bold

Wet look lashes present a light, fluttery appearance that captivates many clients. The final look is bold, dramatic, and in line with the popular 'Kim K look.' They are ideal for those seeking a bold, exaggerated style that remains airy and graceful.

The Future of Wet Lashes

As the popularity of wet look lashes continues to surge, beauty professionals are increasingly integrating this trend into their service offerings. This technique not only delivers a unique look but also allows professionals to showcase their creativity.

The Verdict: Wet Look Lashes are Here to Stay

In conclusion, wet look lashes, with their distinctive and bold appeal, are poised to become a permanent fixture in the beauty industry. The combination of the closed fan technique and lighter lashes is what gives this trend its unique and glossy allure.

Wet look lashes are here to stay, thanks to their one-of-a-kind, bold aesthetic.

‍Remember to stay updated with the latest lash trends and developments. After all, being in the know is key in the beauty industry.

Wet Lash Look Kim K lashes

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the hands of your lash professional."

Bethany Totten

Bethany Totten

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