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What's Prop 65 About? The California Warning Label Explained

What's Prop 65 About? The California Warning Label Explained

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Posted by GladGirl Team on November 01, 2023

Hello GladGirl Community!

We wanted to take some time to clarify and address any confusion or concern you might have about seeing the Prop 65 warning icons on some of our product pages, like the makeup case and tweezer case. Before we dive in, to be very clear, all GladGirl beauty products that are used on the body, eyes, and skin…are 100% safe. So, what’s with the warning label?

What is Prop 65?

Passed in 1986, Prop 65 is a critical piece of safety legislation specifically for the residents of the state of California. The primary goal of the law is to protect water sources to ensure safe drinking water and to generally reduce or eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals throughout the state. In addition to protecting consumers and residents, the overriding goal was to inspire companies to innovate their formulations with safe, non-toxic ingredients.

GladGirl Transparency.

 In addition to complying with state law, in the spirit of transparency and trust, we want to ensure GladGirl customers are making empowered choices. The warning is in place to let our customers know of the possibility that the product may contain a substance that has been identified to cause cancer or reproductive harm in some animals and/or humans. A warning label is not the same as a regulatory decision deeming a product "safe" or "unsafe." The Prop 65 warning is primarily intended for products that are ingested– such as water and other consumable food-based items. When our makeup cases and tweezer cases are used as indicated and intended, (i.e., not  consumed or chewed on) risk factors are incredibly low to insignificant. We trust that our customers won’t be chewing on the makeup cases and tweezer cases anytime soon! We personally think they won’t make for a very good meal ;)

Tried and True.

All GladGirl beauty products undergo extensive testing and are 100% safe. We care about our customers, so anything that is applied to the lashes, eyebrows, body, and skin must be in our books 100% safe. From our makeup specially formulated for eyelash extensions to our new Strip Free Hard Wax, to all of our lash glue, and our much-loved aftercare, like Wash and Wink Eyelash Shampoo + Conditioner –all are safe, clean formulations. This is a point of pride and a process that GladGirl has always handled with the utmost care and taken very seriously at every stage of development. Company safety protocols require years of research and testing to ensure they are safe for all customers well before those products are available for purchase. These internal best practice steps and standards are at the heart of GladGirl’s mission and company culture. Our aim is to empower customers through every step of their beauty journey. Be GladGirl Beautiful in the knowledge that all GG beauty products for skin, face, and eyes are non-toxic, vegan, and PETA-approved.


For more information about Proposition 65:

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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