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Signature Mink Lashes - M Plus Curl

Signature Mink Lashes by Glad Lash will give your clients a highly desirable, glamorous look but with a soft, natural effect. Because you select the number of lashes to apply, our Individual Vegan Mink Lashes provide the perfect opportunity to create an outstanding volume look crafted for the specific needs of your individual clients. M Plus Curl is the perfect choice for your customers that have natural lashes with an extreme downward angle.

Glad Lash Signature Mink Lashes have been recognized by pros and voted "Best Lash Extensions" in the DAYSPA Professionals Choice Awards in both 2019 and again in 2020.

Our Signature Mink Lashes are available in a range of thickness, curl and length options to suit any lash creation. To view all options for this product please click here.

Now with Foil-Backing! Foil-backed rows allow for easy and clean lifting and placement. Move rows around without leaving behind any of the backing on your palette.

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