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Crystal Lash & Glue Tile

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Lash in elegance with the GladGirl® Crystal Lash & Glue Tile. This sleek multipurpose palette is the perfect choice if you’re looking to have both your adhesive and lashes in one compact area. This gorgeous crystal tile can hold up to 12 rows of your fav GladGirl® lashes, while also holding your glue in a perfectly positioned well that’s front and center in the palette. Includes 10 disposable glue cups.

Stop stressing over multiple tools to hold your lash essentials and complete that killer set with style, ease and in record time. See How to Use below.

GladGirl® Crystal Lash & Glue Tile will have your work space shining as bright as your lash extension sets! You’ll want to pack this sleek, multipurpose palette in your lash tool kit if you tend to lean towards having all your lashing necessities in one place, rather than your adhesive and lashes separate. This can be a great option if you have a smaller workstation, or if your client might be a bit more sensitive to glue fumes, as you can have your palette next to them, rather than on their forehead or your hand.


This gorgeous tile can also be used with or without GladGirl® Disposable Glue cups, for simplified clean up at the end of a successful lashing day. Purchase Includes: 10 disposable cups for the glue well. Additional cups can be purchased separately here.


How to Use: Crystal Lash & Glue Tile 

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized palette.
  2. Grab your favorite GladGirl® Lash extensions and place up to 12 rows onto your palette Add a drop of adhesive straight into the glue well, or first place a disposable cup into the well for easier clean up.
  3. To remove lash rows, gently peel off tile, and follow up with alcohol to wipe away any residual glue from strip.
  4. To clean glue from well, simply wipe clean with acetone.