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Wednesday Wink - Lash Pads 101: All the Tips and Tricks of Under Eye Lash Pads

Janelle Greenstreet wearing under eye pads

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Posted by Janelle Greenstreet on May 13, 2021

Happy Wednesday, Lash Lovers! Today we’ll be diving into all the ins and outs of eyelash under eye pads, and the tricks you can try to help troubleshoot any problems you may be running into. Choosing the Proper eye pad and correct placement is arguably one of the most important steps in your lash set, but can also be the most challenging. I’m here to help ease the struggle and give you all the tips possible to pack away in your lash artist tool box. Let’s jump into it.

Proper Placement

The first trick I have up my lash sleeve is always ensuring I have the ideal placement for each individual client. Have you ever felt like you're spending more time readjusting your pads over and over again, than actually lashing? We’ve all been there, and it can be overwhelming and cause irritation and lash stickies if the pads are continually slipping and sliding. My solution for this is to always make sure I’m properly placing the pads the first time so I don’t have to fix my work later. To do this I begin by laying the pads down under my clients eyes, with the protective backing still on the pad. This way I can ensure that I’m using the proper size pad for their eyes, and I can also determine where I need to cut the pad to get the best fit in the inner corner. Once I mark where I want to customize my pad, I’ll make a slight cut ( about ⅓ of the length) in the pad where the inner eye meets the tear duct. This slit helps the pad lay properly, as there is no bubbling or gapping around the inner corner. Or, if you’re running a bit tight on time, opt for GladGirl Comfort Fit Gel Patches, as these pads are pre-cut to fit seamlessly on any shaped eye. This trick seems o-so simple, but can be the make or break in your lash sanity. So give this a try lash lover, and breathe a sigh or relief when your pads look and feel like they were made specifically for your client.

Double Check Ingredients

As we all know, each of our clients are beautifully individual and unique, and so is their skin. This means that you must be able to choose the proper under eye pads for each client based on allergies and sensitivities. This is by far the most important step in choosing a proper pad for your client, but don’t fret lash babe! I know this can seem like an overwhelming task, but I’m here to break it down and give you a crash course in picking those perfect pads every time. First and foremost, you always need to know of any allergies or sensitivities your client may have. The last thing you want to do is place a pad down on that beautiful bride to be, just to realize later on when she's having a reaction, that she's sensitive to one of the ingredients on the pad. This also falls in line with any life changes they may have had since your last appointment. For example, are they pregnant, or have they started any new medications? These two things are notorious for changing the PH of the skin and hormone levels, making reactions to once harmless products pop up out of the blue. This step should be added into you client consultation, as you should be asking these important questions at the beginning of each appointment (yes girl, even if you’ve seen them 100X before!). I like to have a cheat sheet with me that explains what pads are safe to use on those sensitive clients, like GladGirl Silk Under-eye Pads, as they have no active ingredients and are normally a good choice if you’re ever in question of any possible allergies or sensitivities. So save yourself and your clients the pain of a possible reaction and always ask if they have any allergies to any products you may want to use on them.
Under-Eye-Pads-by-Gladgirl Silk Under-Eye-Pads by GladGirl, engulf your clients in the life of luxury that silk offers!

Pamper, Pamper, Pamper

My last tip for going that extra mile is providing your clients with the best, luxurious experience possible. Your choice of eye pads is so important, as choosing one that isn’t ideal for your specific client can cause eye and eyelid discomfort and create an unpleasant and not so relaxing atmosphere. The goal should be to help your clients drift into a lash nap oasis, and no one can do that if they’re not feeling like they’ve just stepped into a 5 star spa. To help create this atmosphere I like to use aromatherapy, as well as use eye pads that have spa like ingredients. A few fabulous picks to achieve this are GladGirl Blink and Wink Gel Patches as well as our Pure Hydro Gel Eye Patch. I tend to reach for these options as they contain hydrating and plumping ingredients that’ll leave anyone feeling like they just got the facial of their dreams. Going the extra mile can help set you apart from other lash artists in your area, and keep your clients daydreaming about refill day. So there you have it, my lash besties, these tips and tricks offer fool proof ways to ensure you’re always giving yourself and your clients the most comfortable and hassle free appointment possible. Going the extra mile for your clients can be what keeps them coming back for years to come - and who doesn’t want that? (Hello dream client!) Make sure to pack these tips away for the next client you may be unsure about, and keep that confidence high! Do you have any go-to under eye pad tricks that you can’t live without? Share them below! And don’t forget to check back next week for more tips and advice from your favorite GG Product Expert. Until next week! XOXO - J

Janelle Greenstreet

Janelle Greenstreet

After graduating with her cosmetology license and working in the hair industry, Janelle Greenstreet was introduced to the wonderful world of lash extensions and never looked back. Janelle lives in Colorado, with her husband and one year old son, has owned an eyelash extension salon and specializes in Classic and Hybrid lash sets. She loves to mentor up and coming artists, and also prioritizes her own continued education.

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