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Silk Under-Eye Pads - 50 per Quantity

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Engulf your clients in the life of luxury with GladGirl® Silk Under-Eye Pads. These pads are unique as they are designed to be used with eyelash extensions, and don’t have any fibers that could get stuck within the adhesive as you lash! Help cut out the middle man as you no longer need tape to keep those pesky lower lashes protected, these under eye pads are all you need! The silk pads are slightly curved, helping them fit snugly and comfortably under your clients eye.

Superbly thin and lint-free, take your appointments to that next level comfort with GladGirl® Silk Under-Eye Pads. See How to Use.!

Give your clients the gift of comfort with GladGirl® Silk Under-Eye Pads. These silky smooth pads are intended to be used alone, without tape, meaning you can cut down on your prep time and spend that time where it matters most; creating those one of a kind sets! These pads are gentle yet effective, as they won’t tug or pull out those lower lashes when removing the pads. Protect those lashes and delicate under eye at every appointment!


How to Use: Silk Under-Eye Pads

  1. Start with cleansed natural lashes.
  2. Remove under eye lash pads from packaging and place on bottom lashes, ensuring to leave space between the pad and waterline to keep from causing eye irritation and pain.
  3. Adjust under eye pads if necessary ensuring all lower lashes are covered and protected from any lash adhesive.
  4. When finished, gently remove from bottom lashes and toss in the trash.