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The future of lashing is here with LashStation™ by Glad Lash® This lash extension palette is crafted from FDA-grade, high-tech silicone, making it both reusable as well as washable. Simply place this ultra flexible lightweight palette directly on your client's forehead; minimizing lash set times by keeping all of your necessities at your fingertips and close proximity to the eyes! No more stress of handling multiple tools at once as LashStation™ palette was created specifically for lash rows as well as lash adhesive.

This game changer was designed specifically to be used with our disposable glue cups! So skyrocket your lash game into the future, and never look back. See How to Use this product.

The LashStation™ will be your go to if looking for ease and simplicity. This dermatologically tested forehead palette is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all skin types. Say goodbye to unneeded waste, as this ultra soft, high-tech silicone can be reused for up to 100 applications! The LashStation™ makes your end of day cleanup quick and effortless as you simply wash this palette with mild-fragrance free soap and warm water, leaving out to air dry; or if in a lash day rush, use a lint free material and pat dry. Lash in ease, comfort and style with this one of a kind palette!


How to Use: LashStation


  1. Place the LashStation™ directly over the forehead.
  2. Apply light, even pressure to affix to the skin. Medical tape may be used to hold in place.
  3. When finished, gently remove lash strips from the palette and toss disposable glue cups in the trash.
  4. Designed for ease of clean up, The LashStation™ only needs a simple wash with mild and preferably fragrance-free soap or any non-greasy cleanser. Wash away with warm water and let air dry or use lint-free materials to ensure continued proper adhesion. Designed to be used with GladGirl® Disposable Glue cups (sold separately).