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The Complete A-Z of Eyelash Extensions Terminology You Must Know...

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Posted by Esther Bolkin on May 23, 2022

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You might have picked up on the importance of being on top of your salon lash lingo from our salon business articles. By using "descriptive, professional, and up-to-date" language in your salon, you not only stay relevant in the eyelash extensions world, but you also contribute to the growth and evolution of a constantly evolving industry.

To help you keep on top, the GladGirl team and I have created a Lash Dictionary list of salon terms you must know... If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below! 

A is for Amazing Artists

Adhesive: The glue used to bond an extension to the natural lash. AKA: glue.

Allergy: Some people may have an allergic reaction to substances in the glue used in lash application.

After Care: The practice of cleaning, brushing and using extension safe products at home between your lash re-fills. Also an abbreviation of "after care products".

Artist: A professional who applies lashes with skill and design. AKA: lash artist, eyelash artist, lash technician, eyelash tech or any other combination/variation of.

B is for Beauty

Base: Where the lash extension must be securely attached, at the base of the lashes, close to the lash line.

Beautiful: This is how you feel after a full set of lashes, wink, wink.

Before and After: An artist will often take a photo of the lashes before and after the application and use these 2 shots to create a single image which can be used in marketing material to demonstrates their ability.


Spikey Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Before and After                

Blepharitis: A disorder of the lashes, an inflammation of the eyelid. Lashes cannot be applied until this condition is resolved.

Blooming: Blooming can occur when excessive moisture is applied too quickly to the lash glue during the curing process resulting in a whitening or crystalizing of the glue. AKA: blanching, shocking.

Bond: The attachment between the lash extension and the natural lash created with glue. A glue bonder (aid) such as our Superhero Sidekick can be used to speed up the curing process and improve the retention of the extensions.

Burping: The method of releasing any air from the nozzle of the adhesive bottle by sitting the bottle down upright and giving it a gentle squeeze to "burp" the bottle.

C is for Captivating Curl

Certificate: The credentials that show your lash technician was trained in lashing technique.

Classic Lashes: The "original" method of gluing one synthetic lash to one human lash and typical range in thickness from .10 to .15.

Cleansing Brush: A soft bristle brush used to clean your eyelash extensions.

Color: Lash extensions come in many colors.

Conjunctivitis: A bacterial infection of the transparent covering of the eye.

Consultation: At your first appointment you will discuss general history, the look you want, and any allergies you may have before proceeding.      

Contraindications: Clients who have a reason that they should not get lash extensions (allergy, medical issues.)

Cosmetologist: A licensed beauty professional who has studied a broad range of beauty treatments including lash and brow services and hair and nails. Cosmetologist is a more comprehensive qualification than esthetician, the other main qualification in the beauty industry.

Cure: The time it takes for the glue to dry completely.

Curl: Lash extensions have different curl patterns; some lashes are curlier than others.

  • J Curl is the most like natural lashes. J Curl or I Curl (which are stick straight) are sometimes used as bottom lashes or as eyebrow extensions.
  • B Curl has a modest curl
  • C Curl is used most commonly for just a bit of lift. CC Curl is as you guessed slightly curlier than C Curl.
  • D Curl is very curly and creates the most curl drama. DD Curl is also slightly curlier than D Curl
  • LD Curlis perfect for your clients with hooded eyelids and deep set droopy eyes.
  • M Plus Curlfor your customers that have natural lashes with an extreme downward facing angle.
Lash Extensions Curl Chart   Cyanoacrylate: The basic compound that makes up lash glue.

D is for Dazzlingly Dramatic

Diameter: The circumference of the lash extension is measured by diameter in millimeters. AKA: thickness.

D or Dimension: A measure of volume lashing where the number in front of the "D" represents the number of single strand extensions being applied to a single natural lash. For example 3D is three extensions per 1 natural lash. Options range from 2D up to 20D or more!

Dramatic: Lash extensions can create a dramatic look.

E is for Enchanting Eyes

Ergonomics: The body positioning and comfort of the client and technician, affected by the positioning of various things such as chair/table, work surface, lighting etc.

Eyelash Extensions: Lash extensions usually made from synthetic material used in the enhancement of natural lashes. AKA: extensions, individual lashes, lashes.

Eyelash Extensions by GladGirl


Esthetician: A qualified beauty professional who is trained in facial and skin related treatments, and also lashes and brows, but does not study hair and nail related services. This is a less comprehensive qualification than cosmetologist, the other main qualification in the beauty industry. Extension: A single eyelash extension.

F is for the Flare

False Lashes: Pre constructed lashes that are glued on as a whole or partial piece above or under the natural lash line. False lashes can be applied to oneself - they are NOT individual extensions. AKA: fake lashes, strip lashes, falsies.

Fake Lashes in Box
False Lashes by GladGirl

Fill: A "maintenance" application done typically every 2 to 3 weeks, to fill in any lashes that have fallen off. See Full Set. AKA refill. Flare Lashes: Small clusters of lashes, with or without knots at the base, applied with a variety of glues that can keep them on anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. AKA cluster lashes, and sometimes referred to as “individuals” even though they are not a single hair. 

Flat Lashes: A type of extension that is not round, but has a shaft that is oval and sometimes a groove on the underside. Flat lashes lashes sit on top of the natural lash to create a fuller line at the base.

Formulated for use with Eyelash Extensions: A range of cosmetics that do not negatively affect the bond between the extension and the natural lash.

Full Set: A fresh application of lash extensions on as many natural lashes as possible.

Fumes: The emissions of the glue in a liquid state, during the curing process and sometimes after the lashes have been applied. AKA: vapor, gas, smoke.

G is for a Glamorous

Gel Pad: The shield used under the eye to cover the lower lashes and protect the top and bottom lashes from becoming bonded together during the lashing process. AKA patches, pads and gel patches.

Glue: The substance used to connect the lash extension to the natural lash. AKA: adhesive. When lash glue gets old it will typically get stringy and not dry or bond properly.

Eyelash extension adhesive.

Glitter Lashes: Synthetic lashes can be encrusted with glitter for a more dramatic look.

H is for Hella Fly

Health: We always want to be working toward keeping the natural lashes healthy. AKA: lash health.

Heat Bonded: A new innovation for pre made fans - individual lashes are held together at the base by a heat bond, rather than adhesive, making them thinner at the base and lighter.
Heat Bonded Fans
Heat Bonded Premade Fans by GladGirl.

Humidity: The level of moisture in the air that is appropriate for the type of glue used. Humidity levels should be between 40% to 60%. A hygrometer is used to measure humidity. Some glues are known as low humidity glues, but really they all perform better with the proper humidity level in your room. 

Hybrid: Hybrid Lashes refers to a set of lash extensions using a combination of both classic and volume techniques.

I is for Inspirational Style

Isolation: The method used to select one natural lash and keep it separated from the other lashes while applying a lash extension to it.

J is for Just Delightful

J Curl: This curl is the most natural to most people. It has the least curl.

Jade Stone: This is a flat disc-shaped stone made from a type of jade called Nephrite. The glue is placed on top, and the coolness of the stone stops the glue from prematurely drying.

K is for Killin' it

Keep Calm and Get Lashes: The best advise for any lash lover under pressure!

Keep them Clean: Daily cleaning of lash extensions is necessary to maximize retention and keep lashes and lids healthy.

L is for Lashes

Lash Cycle: The growth cycle of the human lashes.

Lashes: Natural lashes or extensions. 

Length: The actual measurement of the lash measured in millimeters (mm). Extensions can range from 6mm-18+mm in length.

Lights: Adequate lighting of the lashes is very important for the accurate placement of extensions. Having good lighting also reduces eye strain for the lash artist.

Look: You can create a specific look by how the lashes are applied and they can enhance the shape of the eye. Celebrity looks can be replicated by talented artists.

Look Book: A collection of photos demonstrating the various styles an artist can create, often made up of before and after shots. See also: Before and After. Loupes: A pair of precision magnifiers (that are sometimes fitted to glasses) to provide extreme close up view of the lashes, worn during application.

M is for Mesmerizing Stares

Mapping: A visual plan or chart of where different lashes should be placed, considering the variations available in curl, thickness and length. AKA Lash Map or Lash Chart.

Mascara: One of the benefits of extensions is a reduced need for mascara to be used. However, if using mascara, it must be formulated for use with eyelash extensions. 

Extensions safe mascara - Lash EnMasse

Mask: Masks can be used by lash artists who may be sensitive to the glue fumes during application. Good ventilation is important when applying lashes for both the artist and the lash lover. AKA: face mask.

Material: The substance from which the eyelash extensions are manufactured. The common materials used are
  • Mink - Synthetic Mink lashes are typically made with a type of polymer called PBT, a type of polyster (Polybutylene terephthalate). PBT is resistant to solvents, shrinks very little during forming, is mechanically strong and heat-resistant.
  • SilkSynthetic Silk are the same as synthetic mink, but with a high gloss coating.
  • 100% Real Siberian Mink - Real fur. (Not stocked by GladGirl as we are a cruelty free and proudly PETA approved company!

Medical Grade: A quality factor used in relation to the adhesive, meaning it’s used in medical procedures and eyelash extension application.

Medical Tape: Medical grade tape used for many different eyelash extension preparation needs including, but not limited to, taping down the lower lashes in preparation of the lash extensions.

Mega Volume: Lash extensions made from 6 or more lash extensions formed into a fan shape and applied to the natural lash to create extreme volume and drama. AKA 6D plus. Mega Volume only uses thicknesses of either .02 to .03 to ensure client’s lash health.

Microbrush: A small micro-fiber applicator used in the removal or cleaning of lash extensions and natural lashes.

Micropore Tape: Medical grade tape used for taping down the lower lashes in preparation of the lash extensions.

Millimeter: The metric system unit of measurement of the diameter and length of lash extensions. AKA: mm.

N is for a Natural Look

Nano Mister: A small hand-held device that allows a fine mist of water to coat over the lashes during and at the completion of the lash application. AKA Nebulizer or humidifier. Be careful not to apply too much mist as blooming can occur. See also: Blooming.

Natural Lash: Human eyelashes.

Nebulizer: The same as the nano mister, commonly used in the medical field, but also used in place of the handheld nano mister.

O is for Optimized Eyes

OmbreTwo-tone lashes that blend together the colors. For example dark brown at the base and blond at the tip.

Outgrown: Outgrown lashes are when natural lashes have grown and it is time to replace the old extensions with new extensions.

P is for Professional     

Patch Test: Applying several lashes on each eye and waiting for 48 hours to see if there is a reaction to the glue. 

Primer: Used to prepare lashes for eyelash extension application. It is a liquid product used to remove protein build-up, natural oils, makeup and any residue from the natural lashes. This process can also help the extensions bond securely.

POS: Your point of sale or counter in your salon or work space where you can retail products to your clients. AKA "PoP" point of purchase.
POS After Care and Makeup
Point of Purchase product displays by GladGirl.
Pre Made Fans: Time saving fans that are premade in various configurations.

Professional: The person performing your lash service. AKA Lash Artist, Lash Technician.

Q is for Quality 

Quality: The best ingredients used to make the products needed to apply lash extensions.

R is for Retention

Rapid Fans: Individual volume lash extensions that are joined together at the base, on the tray, with a temporary adhesive. This allows for easy pick up of instant volume fans.

Realistic: The art of making the lashes look like they are natural lashes.

Refill: See Fill.

Remover: A solution that breaks down the glue, used in the removal of old extensions that may be damaged or look less than perfect. Remover can be in many forms, such as gel, liquid, cream and both in sensitive and extra strength formulas.

Retention: The length of time the lash extension remains bonded to the natural lash, determined by various factors such as the quality of the glue used, the skill of technician, environment, natural lash health and the after care regime.

Russian Volume: A technique thought to originate from Russia for applying 2 or more lash extensions. Free formed into a fan by free hand and applied to one natural lash.

S is for Stunning

Safety: Using safe practices and care in the screening of clients and lash applications and applying eyelash extensions.

Sanitation: Using universal precautions in cleansing tools and workstation area between each client. Sanitation is an absolute necessity. A clean working environment and requirements learned in beauty school to become a cosmetologist or esthetician. 

Sealant: A liquid coating used on lash extensions as an after-care treatment to help retention. AKA: coating sealant, protective coating.

Shedding: The natural process of eyelashes growing and falling out. Snatched: A form of expression when describing a volume fan having a skinny base for the best attachment. Spoolie: A small, specially designed brush used to separate the lashes before, during and after as part of after care treatment. Typical made from nylon fibers, but also can be made with silicone. AKA Mascara Wand.



Silicone Spoolies...

Stickies:Lashes that have become glued together during an eyelash extension application. Stickies can occur when your client's natural lash has not been completely isolated, and/or if you have not allowed the glue to dry completely before moving onto the next lash for application.

Sterilization: The process of removing bacteria and germs from tools and work station areas to avoid cross-contamination. It can be achieved through various methods such as heat, UV or chemical. A few different options for sterilizing are: barbicide, autoclave or glass bead sterilizers.

Styling: The completed look of the lash extension set using varying lengths and diameter lash extensions. AKA: look.

T is for Technician

TechnicianThe person applying lash extensions. See Artist.

TemperatureRoom temperature should be between 70-76 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your customers comfortable and your glue performing in optimal condition.  Tools: Specialized implements, such as tweezers, tape, gel patches and anything used in the aid of applying eyelash extensions. AKA Application Tools. 

Training: A specialist course lash artists attend to become certified in the application of eyelash extensions. This is typically done in addition to either a cosmetology or esthetics qualification (varies by state depending on local regulations).

Tweezers: The main tool used in the application of lash extensions. Tweezers are available in a range of tip configurations including:Angular, curved flat, curved, precision, needle nose, precision, doe foot, L shape.

Two-Tone: Lash extensions with two colors on each lash extension. Black color at the base of the extension and the top half or tip of the extension is a different color. For example we offer plum purple, royal blue, magenta red, forest green, sable brown and new bright, vibing colors. AKA ombre.

Tray: The packaging in which rows of single strand lashes are kept safe.

U is for Uniquely Yours

Under eye: The area beneath the eye that is protected by a combination of medical tape and gel patches during the lashing process.

Unique: A look created just for you by your lash artist.

V is for Volume

VolumeVolume Lashing is a technique that involves the application of multiple single strand eyelash extensions to one natural lash while maintaining the health and safety of the client’s natural lashes. This is created by using extra thin eyelash extensions (.05 to .07). Volume lashes typically consist of anywhere between 2 hairs and 5 hairs per natural lash, but can also be more. Additionally, a low viscosity adhesive specified for Volume lashing is used. AKA Russian Volume.

W is for a Wonderful

WashLash cleanser or lash wash shampoo, developed for use on lash extensions and is safe for use on a daily basis.
Eyelash Shampoo
Keep them clean with Wash and Wink!

Weight: The pressure on the natural lash created by attaching a lash extension to the natural lash.

Wrapping:  When you wrap the lash extension on the natural lash the weight can be evenly distributed causing less stress on the natural lash leading to maximum retention.

W-lash:Pre-made lash extensions, 3 strands, shaped in a W. AKA 3D.

X is for Xtremely Exquisite

Xtreme: Bigger, fuller, fluffier lashes.

Y is for Young and Free

Y-Lash: Pre-made lash extensions, 2 strands, shaped in a Y. AKA 2D.

Z is for Zealously

Zealous: The way you feel when you leave your lash appointment.

Did we miss anything? What are the new words being used in your work place?  Let us know and we’ll add it to the list. As a salon leader, it is important to learn eyelash extension terms every day to stay professional and offer more value to your clients and employees.

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