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GladGirl Subscriptions

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Posted by Janelle Greenstreet on May 18, 2022

Today we come to you with life (and wallet) changing news! GladGirl has recently launched a Subscription Service that offers you not only convenience but savings at the end of the day. We're launching this service with our Glue & Remover products, with more to be added. Let’s take a look at a couple of our most popular adhesives and why it’s an absolute no brainer to sign up ASAP.

2 Glue Favs

GladGirl’s Volume Plus is arguably one of the best adhesives when it comes to low fumes, fast dry times and overall client satisfaction - just check the reviews here. Not to mention this glue has it all when it comes to your client's health and comfort; with a cruelty free formula and containing no parabens, latex or gluten, it is also medical grade. This adhesive is the perfect choice for any intermediate to advanced lash artists looking for killer retention and clients coming back time and time again. Have you ever had a client who’s eyes water the whole service, or complain of burning after opening their eyes? Then look no further than GladGirl Sensitive Bond. This glue is aimed towards your most sensitive clients, offering virtually no fumes, no latex, gluten or parabens as well as a slower dry time, meaning this glue is fabulous for beginners all the way to advanced artists. So, what is the glaring similarity between these two adhesives? They're both available to you as a subscription that is sure to take extra stress off your plate and add a bit more time and money into your life. Let’s talk just a bit more about this amazing option. Subscribe and Save

GladGirl Subscriptions

This subscription allows you to purchase your glue and basically forget about it until the next one shows up at your doorstep! No more running out of glue and having no back up for the next few days. With this subscription service you can have your adhesive automatically charged and shipped to you on your own timeline! This option also helps save you a little dough as you can save up to 10% by just simply taking the steps to make your life easier! You can cancel at any time after your second glue has shipped, as well as change your shipment frequency at any time.
  • Choose your delivery frequency - 7, 17, 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.
  • Save 10%.
  • Receive combo discounts on top of the subscription discount.
  • Cancel anytime after minimum commitment (2 deliveries including your first order) easy!
This offer is A-MAZ-ING! I've experienced the issue of having to reschedule clients because I’ve run low on glue one too many times to admit. This service completely takes that stress out of your life, and girl we all know we could use that help! Take a look at our FAQ page for more information on this service. Until next time, XOXO J

Janelle Greenstreet

Janelle Greenstreet

After graduating with her cosmetology license and working in the hair industry, Janelle Greenstreet was introduced to the wonderful world of eyelash extensions and never looked back. Janelle lives in Colorado, with her husband and one year old son, has owned an eyelash extension salon and specializes in Classic and Hybrid lash sets. She loves to mentor up and coming artists, and also prioritizes her own continued education.

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