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Wednesday Wink - Eyelash Extension Tape Methods

Eyelash Extension Taping Methods

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Posted by Crystal Garcia on August 17, 2022

Happy Wednesday, Lash Lovers! Incorporating the taping method can be challenging, yet the most helpful part of any lash extension service to ensure the best coverage and experience for both the client and the lash artist.

In this blog, we will be discussing the different taping methods to isolate and work with the different layers of your client's lashes as well as the different issues we may come across when trying to lash specific parts of the eye.

Prep Client & Apply Eye Patches

You can use almost any tape for these methods, but Nexcare sensitive tape happens to be one of the most popular in the Industry as it is latex-free, water-resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable. Not only is Nexcare sensitive tape great for holding down the bottom lashes, but great for targeting those stubborn inner and outer corners. Also, very helpful on clients with hooded lids and lashes that point downward.

Inner Corner Method












When lashing the inner corners you want to start by cutting a small piece of tape approximately 3 inches long then cut that piece down the middle vertically so you have 2 thin pieces of tape to work with. Attach the thin piece of tape to the inner corner lid right above the inner corner lashes and pull outward to expose those inner lashes. 

Outer Corner Method











The same technique applies to the outer corner, but instead you want to attach the thin piece of tape to the lid above the outer corner lashes and pull inward towards the center part of the lid to expose the outer corner lashes.  

Hooded Eyes / Downward Lashes












When dealing with hooded eyes or lashes that point in a downward direction you want to attach the tape on the lid and pull upward towards the eyebrow. It is very important to check on your clients to make sure their eyes aren't open during the service due to the tape tugging on the skin; it can cause irritation due to the fumes entering the eye and possibly a chemical burn.

hooded straight lashes

Lash Layering Method

In order to ensure that you're providing your client with the best coverage it is very important to use tape or eye gel pads for layering to all the layers of lashes. You can either use both the tape and gel pads to hold down the lashes and pick out the different layers from the top. You can also tape back the lashes and pick out the lashes from the bottom layer. 












Incorporating these methods will be a game changer for any set. I mean who doesn't love a symmetrical full coverage set!? 

Crystal Garcia

Crystal Garcia

Crystal knew she always had a passion for the beauty industry, but couldn't pinpoint exactly what her niche was. After graduating from Esthetician school and receiving her license, Crystal decided to devote more of her time to the art of Eyelash Extensions, never looked back, and now has her own clientele and lash suite where she specializes in Volume and Mega Volume Eyelash Extension applications. In addition to lashing, Crystal has personally trained with GladGirl founder, Esther Bolkin, and is a GladGirl trainer at the Northridge, California store.

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