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Setting the Bar on Brows

Setting the Bar on Brows

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Posted by GladGirl Team on March 24, 2015

Eyebrows are all the buzz in 2015, and they’re trending toward wider, thicker, bushier and bolder with a slight, non-overbearing arch. Overly plucked, thin brows are out of style no matter the face shape. We love this look, because full brows are easier to maintain and help enhance your youthful, fresh appearance, especially when you brush them up! If your eyebrows are on the skimpy side the first order of business is to grow them out. The lifecycle of an eyebrow hair is nine months, with a two to three month rest cycle in between, which means it could take anywhere from six weeks to six months to sport a full brow. To help speed the process, rub some coconut oil or vitamin E oil on your brows nightly. However, if you’re like most of us you want those prefect brows now. Enter, Glad Lash Eyebrows on Point™, Eyebrow Extensions. If you have about 30 minutes and anywhere from $70-$150 depending on your location and the work that needs to be done you can have the perfect set today! Once you’re sporting bushier brows, use our guide to the best eyebrow shape for you face, keeping in mind the bushy, slightly arched trend of the year. Oval Face: An oval face is the perfect canvas for the 2015 brow. Keep the eyebrow arch softly angled/rounded, which flawlessly highlights wide, full brows. Long Face: In order to shorten a long face, go for a flatter eyebrow, with a very subtle arch. Extend the tail of the eyebrow in order to widen the face and de-emphasize those vertical lines. Round Face: A round face can appear more defined and angular by accentuating a high arched brow. It may not be the preferred look of the season, but full arched brows look so good on a round face no one will care! Square Face: Balance a strong, square face with softly rounded brows. The subtle, curved arch lends a feminine flare. Heart Face: A heart-shaped face has room for play. You can go for a softly rounded, low arched brow, or a higher arch if you’re looking to lengthen a shorter heart-shaped face. Diamond Face: Diamond faces can be softened with a curved brow shape to make the widest part of the face narrower.

General Brow-Shaping Tips

#1 – the beginning of the brow should always start at the bridge of your nose. #2 – don’t center that arch! Your arch should peak two-thirds of the way out. #3 – keep that eyebrow tail long, extending at least to the corner of your eye. Once you’ve mastered your perfect eyebrow, share a photo in the comments below. We’d love to see your look

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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