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Fall/ Winter 2016 Beauty Trends

Fall Beauty Trends Goth Lips

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Posted by Amy Lucas on September 28, 2016

Fall is here and the beauty makers have been gearing up for fall/ winter 2016 trends since spring. It’s time we do the same. This fall and winter is made for the Glad Lash gal who likes to primp and play. Ready to shop for the latest fall makeup flings? Don’t worry, you can keep some of your spring and summer favs in the mix this season.

Lips Go Goth

Red is no surprise in the colder seasons, but this time around it’s not your standard red that’s taking center stage, but deep, dark, Goth red that verges on black. You can get away with total black if you’re courageous enough (I’m definitely trying it out for Halloween). Or you can go for a nice merlot-wine hue on the puckers. If you do go for the Goth lip, keep everything else light and minimal. A full set of Glad Lash extensions, and a slight sweep of color over the cheeks, is all it takes to set off the perfect Goth lip. And if dark lips just don’t work for your style or complexion, then don’t worry, candy apple red is also making a comeback this season. As for the texture, take your pick of velvety matte or glassy gloss. One of my least favorite trends is bordering on acceptable this season — the lip liner darker than the lip stain trend. Hey, if you think you can pull it off, there’s no time like the present, and it’s especially effective with a glitter lip liner. Yes, glitter lip liner is destined to be a hit this winter.

Eyes Get Lined

If you can only afford one new makeup trend this season, then black eyeliner it is! Eyes fully rimmed in black are back, be they with an expert line or smudged out. My favorite look is a thick black cat eye on the outer upper lid only. You don’t have to stick with black. The upcoming seasons celebrate a range of color, from periwinkle to turquoise. If you’re bold enough for turquoise then capitalize on the “highliner” look. Makeup artists are lining eyes right above the natural contour of the lids. It’s a little weird, but it grows on you, and you’ll definitely stand out… especially if you bleach your eyebrows, another trending look. Let’s NOT do that.
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Artsy Eyes

There’s room to have fun with eye makeup this fall and winter. Chanel stole the show with quilted eye shadow that mimics their bags. Try it out, but keep everything else majorly simple. Glitter takes a stand, but in a sophisticated way. A light sprinkling of gold glitter on top of taupe shadow makes an elegant statement. Or you can take your cues from Stella McCartney, who dressed her models up with just a dash of white, sparkling highlights on the inner eye sockets. My eyes are almond shaped and narrow, so I’ll choose this look any day to open them up! Of course, if you don’t have time for makeup every day, you’re in luck! Michael Kors’ models stood out at the fall/ winter fashion shows for donning the no makeup, just-woke-up-with-smudged-eye-shadow look. So, whether you’re doing the walk of shame or going on an early morning walk with your dog, you’re basically in style and on trend.

Spring Takeaways

Don’t throw out your pinks and peaches… especially your peaches! There’s always the option of the natural look, and this fall and winter, we’re going natural with peach tones, especially on the lids and lips. Soft, glowing, radiant peach — let’s see how it treats us in the winter!

Hair Heaven

It’s time to bust out the foam rollers and teeny tiny curling rods, because curls – the tighter, the better – are all the rage this fall and winter. We’re talking Jennifer Beal’s circa 1983 Flashdance curls. And I for one am excited, if I can ever drum up the patience to make it happen. You can even get away with crimping, and frizz is perfectly acceptable. On the opposite side of the style spectrum is straight, sleek, glossy hair swept back either behind the ears or into a bun. Pigtails are a fun, flirty look for fall, and you can sport some Princess Leia buns even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan. Versace made a move to bring back hippy hairbands. Anyone interested? Let me know what looks you love for fall and winter. While you’re at it, take a photo and show us all!

Amy Lucas

Amy Lucas

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