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Eyelash Extension: Why I Got Them

Eyelash Extension: Why I Got Them

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Posted by GladGirl Team on May 17, 2012


Why I Got Them: I'm Korean, which means I'm severely lacking in the eyelash department (read: I have none). My lashes are sparse, short, and absolutely refuse to curl. So eyelash extensions promised me the lashes of my dreams without looking like falsies. How the Procedure Went: I love getting beauty treatments, not just for the beautiful results, but for the two hours of unadulterated laziness. While I get my hair colored, a facial, or my eyelashes done, the hour to two of just lying down and getting pampered is a nice break from an otherwise hectic schedule. The esthetician, Esther -- she was awesome -- from Glad Lash and I whiled away the time talking about the history of eyelash extensions (and her many, many years experience with them), and dished the latest dirt on Kim Kardashian's faux relationship with Kanye. How It Looked Afterwards: Um, can I say stunning?! My co-workers were distracted in meetings, saying my mile-long lashes were fluttering at them across the conference room; mid-sentence I'd get interrupted on lunch dates by friends (including guys!) who were compelled to comment on how pretty my eyes looked; and my flirty lashes made my eyes look done without putting on any eye makeup. Amazing. How They Felt: Like regular lashes, meaning you don't feel them. Unlike falsies that sit heavily on your lids, these lashes are glued onto each eyelash so you're mostly unaware of them in your day-to-day.

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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