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Make It Up Monday - Add a Pop of Glitter to Your 2021 Makeup Looks

Glitter Lashes

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Posted by Monique Mazer Strybel on January 04, 2021

I love that the trends change with the seasons and now the New Year is here, that means exciting new ideas to try. While I love a dramatic matte eye, I can’t wait to use my glitters! In 2020, the “no makeup” makeup trends have thrived and now I'll show you how a pop of glitter can elevate that look to something more fun for 2021. Using a pop of glitter as my eyeliner is always festive. You can do a halo liner (stopping at the natural lash line) or make it a wing for more drama. First, prep the eye. Start by using either a concealer or lid primer. Make sure to set the primer with a matte skin toned shadow like Sedona Sizzlin for fair to medium skin tones or Amalfi Aurora for medium to deep skin tones. Once set, apply a slightly deeper shade to the crease of the eye for more definition and blend together. You can go as dramatic as you like, I prefer to let the glitter be the star and keep the shadows more natural. Next I apply my Be Eye Beautiful Liner to my water line in black and I’m ready to apply my glitter liner!
Start by applying the Lash Lock Latex Free Glue close to the lash line. Remember, wherever you put the glue is where glitter will adhere. Use a clean compact brush like a lip or liner brush to start applying the glitter. To keep fallout at bay try pressing the glitter into the lash glue instead of dragging the brush, this will help with the longevity of the glitter on the eye. The last step is to apply mascara and lashes. My favorites are the Demi Wispy lashes for this look because you’re still able to see the detail of the glitter liner. These are just some tricks I use with glitter. What are your favorite ways to use glitter? I would love to see any New Year glitter looks!
Featured image credit: @pearlsuicide

Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique uses her 14 years of experience as a hair and makeup artist to elevate natural beauty, highlighting glowing complexions and natural hair. She emphasizes the tone and tactile quality of skin, the movement of hair, and a skillful use of color, whether in natural or glamorous looks. Monique shares her love of product, technique, and skill on Instagram with her followers. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two fur babies. Connect with her on Instagram @makeupbymazer !

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