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Make It Up Monday - Easy Big Wow Factor Glitter Lashes for the Holidays

Glitter Lashes

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Posted by Monique Mazer Strybel on December 27, 2020

Nothing says festive quite like glitter lashes, especially around the holidays! When you walk into a room you are guaranteed to be noticed, in the best way possible. I love wearing them on holidays like NYE, Christmas Eve or my birthday. And the best part is it is super easy to create this big-wow-factor festive look! Start out by prepping your lashes. Trim the lashes to fit your eye and add mascara to your natural lashes. Adding mascara will help blend the false lashes in with your natural lash. Apply the Volume Plus Clear Glue to the lash. I recommend doing this in phases. Start by applying the Volume Plus Clear Glue to where you’d like the glitter to be. Apply the glitter over the glue with a small dense flat brush and repeat. There are a ton of different variations you can try like just the tips of the lash, the base of the lash, just the outer corners or even the entire lash. The style of the lash is also going to change the look as well. Using a fuller lash like Naomi will give you more drama than a Demi Wispy style lash. You can really customize the look to fit the style and vibe you like. I’m using the Eyelash Extension Glitter in the shade Teal Peace for a festive green color!
Glitter on Fake Lashes GladGirl Glitter in "Teal Peace" is perfect for the festive season.
Once your lashes are ready to go, apply them using the glue and tweezers that are included with the lash kit and adjust as needed. (See my article on how to apply false lashes for help.) You may need to remove a bit of fall out from your face, I recommend using a soft medical tape or scotch tape. Make sure to put the tape on the back of your hand to avoid pulling makeup off. The best part of the look is how easy it is to achieve! If you try this let me know what color combo and style of lash you choose! Would you rock a multi colored glitter lash?

Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique uses her 14 years of experience as a hair and makeup artist to elevate natural beauty, highlighting glowing complexions and natural hair. She emphasizes the tone and tactile quality of skin, the movement of hair, and a skillful use of color, whether in natural or glamorous looks. Monique shares her love of product, technique, and skill on Instagram with her followers. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two fur babies. Connect with her on Instagram @makeupbymazer !

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