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Bent Eyeliner Brush

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To achieve the finer lines in life, GladGirl’s® Bent Eyeliner Brush has you covered. With its cutting edge elbow-shaped wand, this brush has been specifically designed to apply cream or liquid liner with utmost precision and ease. The innovative elbow-shaped wand makes it so easy to intensify and perfect your liner lines for an expert look. With this brush you no longer have to struggle with positioning your hand at the correct angle - the built in bent design does all the hard work for you.

Say goodbye to hours spent in the mirror trying to create the purr-fect cat eye winged liner. With our Bent eyeliner brush it’s as easy as 1...2...3!

The angled ferrule arches toward the eye while the bent tip helps to keep hands and fingers from getting in the way allowing for focused and precise application. This angled brush is also multifunctional as the versatility of the synthetic Taklon fibers allows for use with all types of liners. The light weight wood structure allows you to move with ease from eye to eye, without feeling bulky or weighed down by a heavy liner brush. When fine lines are a good thing, the GladGirl® Bent Eyeliner Brush is here to help.


Are you looking for a deeply rich color pay off from your liner, but don’t have a liquid liner available to use? No problem! Simply dip this brush in distilled water and gently swipe in the corner of your eyeshadow. The moisture will create a liquid liner effect and give you those deep dark lines you’ve always dreamed of.