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Bridal Lashes: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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Posted by Esther Bolkin on June 01, 2017

Every bride needs drop dead gorgeous lashes on her special day. Lush false lashes are the best part of having her makeup done! Whether she’s a minimalist/ natural bride or a glam/ dramatic one, there are many different styles and applications to choose from. Take your pick from false strip lashes, cluster lashes (aka flare), and eyelash extensions according to her wedding day look list. Your bride is sure to fall in love with her beautiful new lashes.

Why Lashes Are a Must on Wedding Day

Lashes frame and open up the eyes, making them stand out — a necessity for her in-person appearance, and especially her wedding photos. They give an extra pop to the eyes that mascara can’t accomplish alone. Is your bride still not sold on lashes? Remind her that there will be many happy tears shed at the altar, and false lashes mean no annoying mascara streaks caught on camera!

Always Do a Makeup Trial

Every bride should invest in a makeup trial with an eyelash application. This way you can decide together what type of eyelash suits her best before the big day. I’ve found that many makeup artists prefer the cluster/ flare lash because the bride doesn’t even feel like she is wearing falsies. The cluster/ flare lash will also last through the honeymoon as long as it’s applied using a long-lasting glue, such as GladGirl's Lash Lock Adhesive.

Applying Flare Lashes

I recommend two to three different lengths when applying flare lashes. For example, use the shortest lengths in the inner corner, and then graduate to longer length flare lashes in the middle and outer corner, with even longer ones on the outermost corner. Glad Lash offers flare lashes in both delicate 10-hair per cluster options, and more dramatic 14-hair options, both with and without knots (knot-free) at the base.

Applying False Strips

False strip lashes must be measured and trimmed to the bride’s eye size and shape before applying. GladGirl's fantastic Lash Lock glue is great for both flare and false strip lashes. Our false strip lash glue comes in both latex and latex-free versions for those with latex sensitivities. The glue comes in either black or a clear transparent color. The black glue will give the bride an added look of wearing additional eyeliner, which can enhance her overall appearance, and give her eye makeup a more dramatic effect. To trim the lashes, place the lash along the bride’s natural lash line for the points at which to trim and cut. Generally, the lashes are applied on top of the bride’s lashes, but you can achieve a more natural look by applying the lashes under the bride’s natural lash line. This technique has the added benefit of hiding the band, but it is a more advanced method. If you haven’t yet mastered the technique, don’t worry; some lash bands are clear and it may not be necessary to hide them at all.

To Apply:

Hold the tip of the lashes (opposite the band) with a clean pair of slant-nose tweezers or our special strip lash applicator. Now apply the glue to the band. Once the glue has been applied, wait approximately 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. When the desired glue consistency is achieved, slowly place the eyelash on the bride’s eyelid as close to the natural lash lid line as you can. Additional pressure may need to be applied to the false lashes to make sure they are properly bonded to the natural lashes, and won’t peel off from the outer and inner corners. Typically, if applied properly and with the right adhesive, false strip lashes will easily last through the big day without falling off.

The Benefits of Single Strand Lashes

Encourage your bride to try eyelash extensions. Single strand lashes are the ultimate bridal upgrade. The groom is sure to ask, “Woah. Your lashes! Are they real?”, when she takes off her veil. Don’t skimp on the trial. Give your bride her eyelash trial one or two months before the wedding day. This will give her a chance to make sure she doesn’t have a reaction to the adhesive. She may even want to get super creative. Single strand lashes come in a variety of choices, including glitter, crystals, and every color of the rainbow. And you might find that the bride falls in love with her lashes and wants to maintain the look long after the wedding.

Bonus Bonanza

You know what makes a great bridal party gift? Eyelash extensions for each bridal party member! After all, lashes are a must have for all the women in the bridal party. It also makes for a fun pre-bridal party event. You can conduct a trial application for the bridal party, so there are no surprises for anyone in attendance on the big day. Read this article for more tips on how to create the perfect bridal party look.

Make Her Sparkle

Some brides are more extravagant than others. If you’re sensing she has a jazzier spirit, perhaps suggest some eyelash accessories to help her stand out even more on her big day. You could apply glitter and/ or crystals on top of the lashes, and to the eyelid, and other decorative places around the eyes and upper cheekbone. If she trends more toward natural and is looking for a strip lash, I suggest more minimalist eyelash choices, like our Strip Bare, Demi Whispy, Top Model, Au Naturel, Baby Doll, Accent, etc. However, single strand lashes tend to impart the most natural effects. Ultimately, you have a chance to convert these brides into lasting clients. I always like to give my brides a gift, and my favorite is the Glad Lash After Care Kit. It’s sure to leave a lasting impact on her. With a little luck and a lot of care, you will be lashing her for many years to come.

Esther Bolkin

Esther Bolkin

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