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Scotch Restickable Dots

Create those voluminous fans that’ll have your clients running back time and time again, with Scotch Restickable Dots! These sticky dot make a perfect palette and will be your match made in lash heaven if you love a good volume fan, but want to keep the process as sanitary as possible, by not ever having to touch the fans! It’s as simple as 1,2,3... grab your desired GladGirl® Lashes, place them on the outermost edge of the sicky dot, press firmly and release! Voilà, a perfect fan with minimal effort (even something this beautiful may need tweaking, adjust fans if necessary until desired look is achieved).

Start creating those volume fans for all your lash fans! See below for how to use this product.

Achieve the perfect volume fan with minimal effort! Our Sticky Dot Bounce Palettes are designed specifically to help you create your volume fans in record time! Simply grab your intended number of lashes; depending on the desired outcome of your voluminous volume set and press the lashes firmly to the outermost edge of the dot, release when ready! To ensure that those hard earned fans stay intact, be sure to carefully remove your fans from the sticky dot using the tweezers designed uniquely for volume sets like these! After your appointment, simply place your dot back into the packaging for further use or toss as each pack comes with 18 dots!


How to Use: Scotch Restickable Dots

  1. Remove Stick Dot Bounce Palette and place on a work surface like our Lash Layout Base.
  2. Pick up your intended number of lashes and firmly press to the outermost edge of your Sticky Dot.
  3. When ready, gently release pressure and watch your beautiful fan come to life.
  4. Remove fan from the Stick Dot Bounce palette gently, dip into your fav adhesive and place on your clients natural lash.
  5. When finished, either place dot back into original packaging or toss as this pack comes with 18 restickable dots.