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Magnetic Headband Lash Palette

Calling all dreamers; create a lash set only seen on cloud 9 with GladGirl® Magnetic Lash Palette! This headband palette is ideal for helping tame those fly-away hairs, by conveniently placing the magnetic band across the hair line, while simultaneously offering the ease of minimal movements. Designed specifically for convenience, the magnetic tray offers 6 rows that are fully moveable so you can position your lashes exactly where you need them!

The one size fits all headband offers breathability, ensuring absolute comfort for your clients. Accelerate application time and streamline your lash application process with the Magnetic Lash Palette by GladGirl. Keep on dreaming, Lash Lover. See How to Use below.

Create the lash set of your dreams with The Magnetic Lash Palette by GladGirl®! This palette offers a full range of motion by allowing you to reposition the lash tray as you move throughout your set. This is particularly helpful when trying to get those dreaded inner corner lashes, as you can simply move the tray out of the way; no more bumping and bending lash rows! This magnetic headband also offers breathability; leaving your client feeling light, airy and ready for a lash nap during their appointment! This palette holds up to 6 rows of lashes, with marked lengths to help streamline your lashing process. Ideally sized, it's large enough to hold all the lashes you need yet compact enough so that it won’t obstruct your view of your client’s lashes. Start enjoying the stress-free experience courtesy of The Magnetic Lash Palette by GladGirl®!


How to Use: Magnetic Lash Palette

  1. Sweep your client's hair back and place the headband with the magnetic square in the center of your clients forehead, close to the natural lash line.
  2. For client comfort, place your desired lash rows on the palette before attaching to the headband. 
  3. When ready, simply place the palette over the magnetic section of the headband, allowing them to attach together. 
  4. When finished, simply remove the headband and watch your client obsess over their lashes!