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Silicone Forehead Lash Pad

Look pretty in pink with GladGirl® Silicone Lash Pad! This unique forehead palette offers the convenience of keeping your lash rows close to the lash line, therefore streamlining your process. Spend time on what matters most; those voluminous sets! This lemonade pink palette made of premium silicone is sticky to the touch, ensuring it stays in position on your clients forehead, eliminating the possibility of your palette slipping off and hitting the ground (the horror). Holds 3 rows of eyelash extensions.

GladGirl® Silicone Lash Pad is designed to fit comfortably on your client’s forehead without a band as seen on headband palettes. Keep your lashing times down, and your client satisfaction sky high! See How to Use this product.

Calling all pink queens- lash in style with GladGirl® Silicone Lash Pad! This silicone pad is sticky to the touch, meaning you no longer have to waste precious lashing time rearranging your palette! Simply place on your clients forehead and the sticky power will do the rest. Removal is a breeze, as the unique silicone removes easily and without any discomfort, when your appointment is over. This palette is easy to clean, by simply washing it with mild fragrance-free soap and allowing to air dry between clients! Pink lovers unite with GladGirl® Silicone Lash Pad!

How to Use: Silicone Forehead Lash Pad

  1. Start with a freshly washed and dried silicone pad.
  2. Add up to 3 rows of your favorite GladGirl® lashes to the palette, being gentle as not to poke through the silicone with your tweezer tips. 
  3. When finished, remove lash rows and wash pad with mild fragrance-free soap. Let this fast drying silicone set between clients and continue lashing without missing a beat. 

Pro Tip: 

The sticky surface of this silicone pad will become smooth while cleaning/wet. Don’t fear! The sticky nature of this pad will return when fully dry.