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Wednesday Wink - Take Advantage of Online Bookings with these Awesome Apps!


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Posted by Maryann Matykowski on February 22, 2017

Are you using an app to book your salon business? If you are, then you already know the benefits of using this service. If you aren’t, I’d like to share a few of the app advantages with you.

The Value of Automatic Reminders

To begin, most online booking apps charge a small monthly fee for this service. Honestly, I feel this is some of the best money you can spend. These booking apps offer different levels of service. The app I use - StyleSeat: Beauty and Barber Appointments Near You - suits a single operator best, and sends my clients a text message and email reminder of their upcoming appointments. This service frees up your staff from having to make reminder phone calls. A nice app to keep multiple stylist's organised is Booker. These days, most clients don’t even answer their phones, but do read their text messages. This reminder is not only a time saver, it gives the client time to reschedule or cancel in advance, leaving you with more opportunity to fill the slots in your schedule.

Get Those Digits!

Another great feature I like to use is the credit card on file. This has done a lot to discourage no-show clients. I require a card to make an appointment from all first-time clients. This way, if they are a no-show or cancel late, it gives me the option to charge them a fee. I know asking for a credit card scares a lot of salon professionals, but as most everything you do these days requires a card, this is just a part of everyday business and can be explained as such should a client inquire. Personally, I would rather have a new client not book an appointment with me if they do not want to put up a card, than to have an hour or two wide open because the new client was a no-show. Having a card on file allows you to charge a fee for your lost time. My website and online booking app clearly states my no-show and late cancellation policy. If there are ever any questions, I refer the client back to the waiver they acknowledged when they booked the appointment. There are many apps to choose from. This one is the MAC DADDY for everything - multiple stylists, multiple locations, and more! Do a little research and a trial run if you are still on the fence. Most companies will give you a free trial to see if their app will work for your business. Now is the time to app up your services, and let them do some of the work for you!

Maryann Matykowski

Maryann Matykowski

Maryann has an accomplished, 30+ year background in the beauty industry. As a cosmetologist she opened her first salon in ’83. She has specialized as an educator since 2006. Maryann knows what it takes to create successful salon businesses and is here to share her experience with you.

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