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Turn Your 2021 Visions Into Reality with GladGirl

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Posted by Esther Bolkin on February 03, 2021

Hello, Lash Lovers! We are well into the New Year now, and with it a fresh round of hopes, wishes and intentions. I'm sure many of you have made a resolution or two, or at least wrote a To-Do list. 2021 is the perfect year to truly focus and transform your vision of hopes and wishes, into reality. But where is the best place to start your vision quest for this year? At the beginning of course. How many of you have been wanting to launch your dreams of lash artistry? It’s such an exciting prospect. Whether you’ve been daydreaming of changing careers, or focus, or you’re already a beauty professional looking to increase your scope of skills and services, now is the time! As we all continue to curtail our activities until life safely resumes its normal pace, signing up for an eyelash extension class is an excellent way to pursue a goal while also filling time in an inspired and productive way. Take the leap, and go to our Artist Directory page and click, “I want to find a trainer” to find a lash artist near you. Or if you’re local to us in Southern California go to our Training page and take a class, by me, of course!

Something New?

  • Already a trained or established lash artist but looking to enhance or diversify your skill set?
  • Perhaps you’re a lash professional who has an interest in makeup artistry and would like to broaden the services you offer to clients?
  • Are you, brow-obsessed and interested in cultivating your brow game for lash clients?
  • Maybe you dream of becoming an accomplished maven of beauty, trained and skilled in the latest industry innovations and techniques?
GladGirl Academy in CA offers several training options that cater to budget, time and areas of specific interest.
GladGirl Instructor applying lashes Get trained by industry leading professionals at GladGirl Academy.
New innovations in product development and application continue to advance the world of beauty into inspiring terrain. From lash lifts to eyebrow lamination, there are an array of opportunities to enhance your business, but also satisfy your own curiosity as well as your desire for personal and professional growth. Men and women are now, more than ever, able to determine their beauty path with options that make sense for their needs. Enhancement and transformation are no longer limited to the realm of elective surgeries and painful treatments that are often accompanied by extended healing times and risks. Through services such as Brow Lamination, Classic and Volume Lash Extensions, Brow Extensions, and LashLift, you can further empower and nurture the self-confidence of your clients. During periods of uncertainty, we are all inspired to think creatively, outside the box and often opportunities can arrive. 2021 is here, ready for you to turn those resolutions into accomplishments.

About the GladGirl Training Academy

At the heart of GladGirl resides the GladGirl Training Academy. Here you can begin your path as a lash artist and brow artist. Always up to date with the latest techniques, technologies and products, our academy offers a selection of certification training options depending on the area of focus and price point that works best for you. Whether you are just entering the world of extensions or are already established but looking to expand the scope of your skill and services, you can trust that GladGirl is here to help you along the way... Love Your Lashes and Be Brow Beautiful in 2021!

Esther Bolkin

Esther Bolkin

Esther Bolkin, Glad Lash founder, is a veteran of the beauty industry with over 30 years of professional experience in skincare, makeup, and the application of eyelash extensions. She holds both her aesthetician and cosmetology licenses and sits on the Editorial Advisory Board at Eye-Lash Magazine. Esther now focusses on new product development and is heavily involved in the training of a new generation of lash professionals through Glad Lash Academy. Enjoy what she has to say here on the blog.

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