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Make It Up Monday - How to use the GladGirl Brow Lamination Kit

DIY Brow Lamination Process

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Posted by Monique Mazer Strybel on February 01, 2021

Have you heard the saying “Eyes are the window to the soul”? I love that saying, it's true and I think we should extend it to include brows too! What do you think?!? A good, full, fluffy brow frames the face and can make your makeup look stand out so much more. In that spirit, wanting a quick brow boost, I tried GladGirl’s Brow Lamination Kit and absolutely loved it. (I'm a trained professional so I'm skilled to apply this to myself, but note that this product is not intended for DIY use.) It was so much easier to use than other brands I've tried, and took only 20 minutes total to apply to myself, while making the video. Maybe you'll achieve even quicker results for your clients once you are skilled up on the process? Brow lamination can be offered as a quick and low cost complementary service to eyelash extensions/strip lashes by lash and brow artists and MUA's. Compared to microblading, it's totally pain and discomfort free and is only a fraction of the time and cost! The brow lamination kit comes fully stocked with everything you need to do your clients brows and contains product for around 10-15 treatments.

How to do Brow Lamination

  1. I started off by cleaning my brows with a lash and brow cleanser to make sure the skin was clean, followed by rinsing with water.
  2. After that I applied the Fixing Glue included in the kit, making sure to get each brow hair exactly how I wanted it by using the spoolie to comb them up the back of the comb to push the brow hairs flat. I prefer a super fluffy soap brow look, make sure to set them in place the way you like them.
  3. Apply the Lift Lotion #2 on top of the Fixing Glue again taking care to make sure the brows were in the right spot, after 4 minutes (5-6 minutes for thicker brows) I removed the solution with water.
  4. The last step is in the treatment is to apply the Lock Lotion using a spoolie and leave it on for 3-4 minutes (5-6 minutes for thicker brows), remove it with water and boom, you’re done laminating!
  5. To finish off the look, use your favorite brow gel and the Be Brow Beautiful Brow Pencil filling in any gaps in your brows.
The kit includes a comprehensive instruction card, so you'll have all the information need right in front of you when you perform the treatment for your clients.
Before and after brown lamination service My before and after shots using the GG Brow lamination kit.

Must Know Brow Lamination Tips

  • Make sure to advise your clients not get their brows wet for 48 hours and use a spoolie to maintain the brows.
  • After the 48 hours I use a clear brow gel daily to keep my brows in place and help the hold of the lamination.
  • Mt top PRO TIP is to wait until after you’ve finished the lamination then trim, pluck or style the brows. That way you can see the exact shape and where, if any, maintenance is required.
The process is super easy and hassle free and I’m obsessed with how full and fluffy my brows look!


Wait until you've finished the treatment to trim, pluck or style the brows.
Let me know if you use the Lamination Kit and how you like it. What maintenance tips are you sending home with your clients?

Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique Mazer Strybel

Monique uses her 14 years of experience as a hair and makeup artist to elevate natural beauty, highlighting glowing complexions and natural hair. She emphasizes the tone and tactile quality of skin, the movement of hair, and a skillful use of color, whether in natural or glamorous looks. Monique shares her love of product, technique, and skill on Instagram with her followers. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two fur babies. Connect with her on Instagram @makeupbymazer !

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