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Make It Up Monday - 4 Essential Tips for Fuller Lips


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Posted by Heather Coopersmith on July 23, 2018

​Have you ever wondered how to achieve the illusion of fuller lips? If yes, then this blog post is for you! Many of my clients come to me and ask me how to do get fuller lips so I thought I would share some helpful tips! Enjoy!

How to Get Fuller Lips Using Makeup

Tip #1 - Outline Lips for More Plump

The first tip is to over outline your lips slightly— preferably in a nude shade —then use that same lip liner to contour or draw lines where you see the natural lines of your lips form. For example, draw a 'V' shape on the top middle lip and then draw a line down the middle of your bottom lip. Then, see where you want to add contour lines along the rest of your top and bottom lips. I would say lining your lips about 3-4 times should be enough. This concept is inherently similar to contouring your face. Then, add a nudish to pinkish color on top and blend or mush lips together so that you can see the contour lines. Think Angelina Jolie. You may also do this with a darker color lip liner as well, but when using this technique, try to have the lip stick or gloss shade just a tad lighter so the contour effect isn't erased.

Tip #2- Contour Lips for an Ombre Effect

The next tip is to outer contour your lips. Again, take the idea of contouring your face and just apply it to the lips. Take a contour stick or shade you are comfortable with and completely over outline your lips with that color. Then, blend into skin with a beauty blender sponge or brush. Next, you want to use a concealer to go over dark spots around the contour color that should not be dark. For instance, you want to conceal the area called the philtrum, which is the area where there are two lines between the nose and lips. Then blend again. After this, take a contour powder color with a rounded fluffy brush and gently go over the outside contour line you just created to immediately see fuller lips. Make sure to add your lip color and your darker toned lip liner following the outer line of your lips. Do not forget to blend after every step. Congratulations, you just created the ombre effect! The outside of your lips should now be darker and gradually become lighter towards the inside of your lips.

Tip # 3- Pair Lip Scrub with Lip Gloss

If the first two techniques sound like too much work, try a lip scrub coupled with a lip plumping gloss. You can use a sugar scrub and massage your lips in a circular motion to get off any dead skin cells. This is an exfoliation process which helps the lips look healthier and plumper. Then apply lip plumping gloss on top and done!

Tip # 4- Try a Lip Plumping Mask

Lastly, you can try a lip plumping mask or device! Yes, they exist! You can get a lip mask, similar to a face mask, but for your lips. You can also purchase a lip sucker type of tool to stimulate blood flow to your lips for that fuller effect. It only lasts for a few hours but if you are into it, then why not! Just be careful when using these type of tools and follow directions closely. If you want to go big everywhere, let's not forget lashes! Check out some GladGirl false lashes to complete your larger than life look. I hope you enjoyed these helpful tips on how to make your lips look bigger than ever! Have you used any of these strategies? Did they work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Heather Coopersmith

Heather Coopersmith

With almost two decades as a professional makeup artist working on film projects, tv shows, photo shoots and weddings, LA based Heather Coopersmith brings some serious skills and knowledge to the Glad Lash Blog with her guest posts. Heather sees her art (and her hair!) as a creative outlet, and says "My world is a visual experience and I want to make you a part of it!" We're super excited to have Heather brightening up our world. You can reach out to Heather on Instagram @makeupthebride

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