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Vetus SA Series Tweezers for Classic Lashes

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Vetus tweezers are renowned for their highest quality Swiss engineering and are a long time favorite among eyelash extension artists. The light weight, high precision design allows you to isolate the natural lash, and easily place the lash extension with extreme accuracy every time! Vetus lash tweezers for classic lashes are made from top quality stainless steel featuring an anti-magnetic, anti-acid and non-corrosive design.

Vetus SA options for classic lashes include: 4.50” Angular, 4.50” Curved0.84oz, 4.50" Curved 0.91 oz. See below for details.

The stainless steel has a hardness rating of 43HRC, making them ultra strong (stronger than 40HRC) and durable, meaning your tweezers will last longer and allow you to complete more lash sets before needing a replacement. You can expect a long life from these quality tools when cared for properly.

All 7 available options in the Vetus SA series and can be viewed here.

Vetus Tweezers for classic lashes include: 

  • 4.50” Angular - These tweezers are made specifically for your classic lash extension needs. These tweezers are perfect for picking up singular classic lashes and effortlessly playing them onto the natural lash. 
  • 4.50” Curved 0.84 oz - This curved tweezer is great for isolation and a wonderful addition to your classic lash tool box. The rounded tips help keep a natural wrist position and keeps your hands in a comfortable position on the forehead rather than closer to the eyes with less hand and wrist support. These tweezer tips are meant to make direct contact with the eyepad, rather than lay on the eyepad like a precision tweezer would.
  • 4.50 Curved 0.91 oz - These tweezers are designed to help you easily and painlessly remove under eye pads and tape from your clients eyes after their classic lash extension service. These tweezers have rounded tips, meaning they are save to touch the skin while removing the tape and pads, and will not cause any pain or damage like a normal lash extension tweezer would.

How to Use

Be sure to always sanitize your tweezers per your state board requirements, after every single client. Owning more than one set can make sanitation a breeze if you don't have enough time in between clients to completely sanitize your tweezers. Grab your clean backup set and lash away!