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The Lash Tile

The Lash Tile palette by GladLash® is specifically designed to hold up to 8 rows of single strand lashes, beautifully positioning them for ease of removal with its curved sleek design; making this your go to if you love a good volume set. (Hello, who doesn’t?) Crafted specifically for use with GladGirl® 2” Jade Stone or Disposable Palette Paper, the well positioned front and center is perfect for ease of use; keeping your movements minimal, saving you from the pains twisting and turning can cause on your body.

Don’t let a volume set catch you empty handed, and snag The Lash Tile for your toolbox today! See How to Use.

Calling all Volume lovers; The Lash Tile by GladGirl® is YOUR new best friend! This sleek curved design is a game changer for voluminous volume artists, as the rounded base helps isolate the number of lash extensions you’d like to grab, while simultaneously giving you a head start; fanning the lashes for you before you even pick them up. Uhh hello streamlined process! The compact structure of this title makes it a no brainer for use in smaller salons or work spaces. So amp your organization up, and create those volume (or classic) sets like the lash queen we all know you are, with The Lash Tile by GladGirl®. 


How to Use: The Lash Tile 

  1. Start with a clean and sanitized tile Add up to 8 rows of your favorite GladGirl® Lashes, applying slight firm pressure to ensure adhesion.
  2. When a row is empty, simply remove strip with gentle pressure, following up with alcohol to remove any residual glue left over from the strip.
  3. Replace the lash extension strip and continue lashing away.