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Stainless Steel German Engineered Tweezers for Isolation

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Options in our range of Stainless Steel German Engineered Tweezers for Isolation include:

  • 4.75” Curved - This curved tweezer is great for isolation, as the curved tips and longer length help keep a natural wrist position and keep your hands in a comfortable position on the forehead rather than closer to the eyes with less hand and wrist support.
  • 4.75” Angular - Be sure to reach for this tweezer when you are looking for the perfect isolation tweezer. This tweezer is meant for your less dominant hand, and is used to isolate the natural lash you’re looking to place an extension on.
  • 3.75” Needle Nose - This tweezer is ideal to use for both isolation and classic lash extensions. These tweezers have a very sharp tip, giving you the ability to easily isolate one natural lash or pick up a singular classic lash extension.
  • 5.50” Curved - These curved 5.50” tweezers are a great addition to your isolation collection. The curved tips of these tweezers are longer, allowing you to position your hand farther away from the eye and gives you a better view of the natural lashes.
  • 5.50” Angular - Similar to our 5.00” Angular, these tweezers are intended for isolation. These tweezers are longer than our 5.00”, allowing you to move your hand back farther, away from the natural lashes.
  • 4.25” 45 degree tip - These tweezers are great as they can be used for both isolation and volume lash extensions. Although most artists will choose to use these tweezers for isolation, they can also be used to pinch hand made fans, as the grip is strong and small enough to not get in the way of your fingers creating the fan.
  • 5.00” X-type - These tweezers are Specially designed for classic lashes. With these tweezers you can grab the lash extension without having to manually grip it together. These tweezers offer reverse forceps, meaning when you press them together the forceps open, and when you let them go and they close. These are great for those artist who’s fingers quickly fatigue


Isolation tweezers are intended to be used in your non-dominant hand, and help isolate your clients natural lash either in between the tweezer tips, or on the side of the tips by pushing the other natural lashes out of the way