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Ribbed Handle Tweezers for Classic Lashes

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GladGirl® Ribbed Handle Tweezers for Classic Lashes feature the same high quality German stainless steel and precision points you expect from our highest quality tweezers, now with a handle style distinctively ribbed to provide a better holding surface for maximum control and less finger fatigue.

The generous, ribbed indentations throughout the tweezer handle ensure you'll achieve excellent grip and control of the tweezers, even under pressure.

The 2 options here are ideal for classic application: 4.50” Curved, 4.50” Angular. To view all 5 tweezers in our Ribbed Handle collection, click here.

Ribbed Handle Tweezer options for classic lashing include:

  • 4.50” Curved - This curved ribbed tweezer is perfect for isolation of your clients’ natural lash, as the curved tips help keep a natural wrist position and keep your hands in a comfortable position on the forehead rather than closer to the eyes with less hand and wrist support. These tweezer tips are meant to make direct contact with the eye pad, rather than lay on the eye pad like a precision tweezer would.
  • 4.50” Angular - These tweezers are made specifically for your isolation and classic lash pick up needs, with minimal effort and easy finger placement. These tweezers are perfect for isolating your clients’ natural lashes, as the tips easily separate when pressure is lessened, allowing you to isolate the natural lash with very little extra effort to keep the tweezers separated properly. They are also great for classic lash pick up as the pointed tips will pick up and hold your classic lashes without causing damage.


Never drop your classic lash extension tweezers again with GladGirlTweezer Stand! Place this stand close to your work station and be sure to always replace your tweezers in the stand rather than placing them on an unsteady surface.