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Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Create endless eyeshadow looks with the flick of a wrist, using GladGirl® Flat Eyeshadow Brush. This go-to brush can be used for both wet and dry eye-shadow, making it your all in one flat shader brush! Whether it’s a sheer or intensely dramatic look, the nylon bristles pick up the perfect amount of product for any given look. This brush is also the ultimate tool for blending as it’s equally great for all-over color, precise shading as well as highlighting.

Want to really make a pigment pop? Just wet the brush and dip into any of your fav colors. Use with our Palette to create an eye look meant for the Red Carpet itself with GladGirl® Flat Eyeshadow Brush.

Meet the Flat brush that brings you the highest quality bristles while also pledging to be cruelty-free. This brush is not only easy on the eyes but also the environment, offering you peace of mind, knowing your makeup tools are keeping our world safe and clean. And another bonus, the synthetic brush hair is super hygienic as it doesn’t hold onto bacteria the way other brush hair material can. Make a shadow moment happen your way, and feel good about the brush you’re using with the Flat EyeShadow Brush by GladGirl®


Are you looking to deepen your shadow that may not be giving you the pigment payoff you're looking for? No problem, simply dip this brush in distilled water and run it through your shadow, instantly intensifying the color.